Eve, After the Fall

In our visit to the Art Institute of Chicago to see the Degas exhibit (on which see the subsequent post on the Impressionists), there was within this exhibit a famous statue by Rodin, my favorite sculptor of the 20th century. In this statue, Rodin captures the shame and desire to hide one’s nakedness perfectly, right after the act of disobedience which led not merely to self-awareness, but self-centeredness, self-protective behavior, narcissism. Sometime ago, I wrote a poem about the Fall and its effects. So for this morning’s meditation, have a look at the statue from various angles, and reflect on the poem.



After the Fall,
The nakedness
The shame, a tell tale sign.

After the Fall
A wariness,
The focus on the self.

After the Fall
A lie disguised as truth.

After the Fall,
‘This woman whom you gave’.

After the Fall,
The curse.
‘And he shall lord it over you’.

After the Fall
The suffering
Labor pains galore.

After the Fall
The dying,
Disease, decay, and death.

After the Fall
The killing
A band of brothers no more.

After the Fall
Paradise no more.

After the Fall
The need for rapprochement.

After the Fall,
Blood poured out in death.

After the Fall,
The aftermath
Truth and consequences.

After the Fall

The chaos
The over-reach at Babel.

After the Fall,
Was Adam, the very first to say—
“Apres moi, le deluge”?

After the Fall,
Would rise to the occasion.

After the Fall,
Genesis required once more.



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