Turkey 2016–Part 23 The Journey to Kos

Bodrum is a beautiful city with an imposing castle. bod1 We only spent a little time there, as the Gulet boat was waiting to take us to the Greek island of Kos. I guess you could call it a Kos effective journey 🙂 Here’s the instigator of these adventures my old friend and newly baptized follower of Jesus, Levent. bod2 It’s hard to describe how beautiful the Aegean sea is…..bod4bod3 Homer spoke of the ‘wine dark’ seas, and they are indeed a deep color, a deep blue to be exact. We had however some competition…… the Black Pearl and other pirate ships were longing to take us captive on a different sort of ride…..bod5 We said no…..as the food on the Gulet and the company was irresistible…. all aboard!bod6 The journey only takes an hour and a bit, but it was well worth it.

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