Quote of the Day– Theodicy and Theology

Quote of the Day– Theodicy and Theology August 15, 2016


Samuel Terrien, reflecting on Ps. 95, shares some of his own wisdom on the problem of evil: “It has been said for a long time, and rightly, that the problem of evil is the creation of monotheism. A positivist humanist looks at natural or biological mysteries but does not try to find any transcendental cause. A polytheist will speak mythologically of a fight between gods or goddesses and let his inquiries end there. A pantheist will enter into the vast horizon of the worlds and avoid digging into the question of cosmic injustice by embracing the forces of good and evil and communing with life in its terrestrial fullness. But the theist, a Hebrew monotheist, who affirms both the omnipotence and the goodness of God, faces an insoluble scandal of theology.” (in his book The Psalms, p. 671).

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