Early Christian Mauscripts and their Audiences


Here's another helpful post by our colleague Larry Hurtado. Early Christian Manuscripts and Their Readersby larryhurtadoA few days ago I noted the publication of a multi-author volume: The Early Text of the New Testament, edited by Charles E. Hill and Michael J. Kruger (Oxford University Press). In this posting I give the gist of my own contribution to that volume: "Manuscripts and the Sociology of Early Christian Reading" (pp. 49-62).I take my cue from a fascinating article … [Read more...]

The Worst Bible Reader in the World

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NA-bCFJJZzU … [Read more...]

Jack Sasson— An Old Friend, a Good Scholar, a Remarkable Story

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Here is a wonderful story about someone I have known and admired for more than 50 years. He taught Hebrew and related subjects at Carolina while I was there between 1970-74. Later our paths crossed at Vanderbilt when I adjuncted there. His life story is an inspiration. The following is an excerpt from the Vanderbilt Register story.Syrian-born divinity professor discovers America as the land of opportunitySensing growing hostilities toward Jews, Professor Jack Sasson and his … [Read more...]

Take a Load Off—- The Rest of Life

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For some time now I have been working on a series of bite sized books on Kingdom or eschatological perspectives on mundane or ordinary life. There is one on the Kingdom itself (Imminent Domain--Eerdmans), one on worship (We Have Seen his Glory--Eerdmans), one on work (Work-- Eerdmans), one on money (Jesus and Money-- Brazos Press), one on spiritual formation (The Shared Christian Life-- Abingdon), and finally now one on 'the Rest of Life'--Rest, Play, Eating, Studying, Relating (including … [Read more...]

A New Website on the Historical Jesus


There is a new historical Jesus website set up by some of Larry Hurtado's young proteges--- Dr. Anthony LeDonne and Professor Chris Keith. Here is the link so you can check it out.http://historicaljesusresearch.blogspot.co.uk/ … [Read more...]

Quote of the Day from Mark Twain

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"What Sir, would the people of the world be without woman?""They would be scarce sir. Almighty scarce."---- Mark Twain … [Read more...]

A Reading List on Textual Criticism


Courtesy of Larry Hurtado, here is a link to a list of valuable sources on Biblical textual criticism......A few have asked about a suggested reading list to learn about NT textual criticism. Tommy Wasserman has produced one that merits attentionhttp://evangelicaltextualcriticism.blogspot.se/2012/09/top-ten-essential-works-in-new.html … [Read more...]

BWIII on the Earliest Gospel

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The Hobbit— Eight Weeks and Counting


Though long a mystery as to the secret of Hobbit longevity, the truth is now made plain for all to see. Old Hobbits die hard... because they carry magical swords :) … [Read more...]