The Durham Chronicles— Visit to York Part Four

Saturday, since time immemorial in the U.K., is market day... and when market day happens in old York, all the buskers, blowers, crooners, bangers, players of music show up to entertain, along with jugglers, actors and ghost hunters. It's rather like a 3 ring circus comes to town. You can even ride the Ferris wheel by the river. But I digress. Let me show you some of the likely lads I came across...Nothing like a good pipes and drum corps to get the blood pumping. … [Read more...]

The Durham Chronicles– Visit to York– Part Three

So once you get outside the cathedral, seeing most anything is possible. York is, like Durham, on a good-sized river. In this case the Ouse (pronounced ooooze of course). But likely the first thing you notice when you get off the train is the old city walls.Then as you cross the bridge over the river, you will see the museum park where lie the ruins of an old abbey (in this case not referring to a person!)---And you may be tempted to do a wall walk... but don't bring … [Read more...]

The Durham Chronicles– Castle College

They say a man's home is his castle, but what if a castle is a student's home. Yes, it's true, the castle which used to be where the prince bishops used to dwell, is now the residence of a whole lot of Durham students, to some of whom I had the pleasure of listening to and giving a lecture to last week... so here are some snaps of Castle College... as it is now known.But of course you have to get by the porter to get into that courtyard... and here's the formidable gate...One … [Read more...]

The Durham Chronicles– Visit to York Part Two

I have a confession to make--- I am a stained glass window junkie. I just love those things. I go to exhibits and museums and cathedrals and ordinary churches just to see them. They are to the English tradition, what icons are to the Orthodox traditions--- windows on or into heaven.And York has so many great stained glass windows, they even have a guide to stained glass windows and a chart explaining all the OT and NT images. For example, his the chart explaining the OT … [Read more...]

The Durham Chronicles– The Visit to York, Part One

It was finally a nice spring day. Finally. And so in the carpe diem category, since tempus fugit and I fidget I decided to hop on the train and take the hour's ride down to another of my favorite medieval English cities--- York, (for which the Big Apple was likely named). Now there is much to do and see in York--- old medieval houses, the medieval gates or bars as they are called, the walls around the city, Clifford's tower, and of course as the crown jewel--- Yorkminster, a very very … [Read more...]

Lecture on the Bible and the Media

Here is the lecture I gave May 2nd at Castle College on the Bible and the Media...RELIGION AND THE MEDIA IN THE POST-MODERN WORLDPROLEGOMENAI have spent a great deal of my time as a professor of Biblical Studies working with the media--- ABC, NBC, CBS, the BBC, the Discovery and History Channels and so on. There are really two different sorts of dealings with the media that people who teach religion or theology are likely to have in this day and age--- questions from the press … [Read more...]

Edinburgh Lecture— Video

Here's a link to the video of my lecture at Edinburgh April 30th. … [Read more...]

Organ-ic Music– The Revenge of the Organist

There is a hilarious article in today's Daily Telegraph about how English organists have taken revenge on their ministers and others they found difficult to work with. In a survey taken by Christian Research, almost half the respondents mentioned that they had noticed organists slipping snippets of heavy metal classics, advertising jingles, and nursery rhymes into hymns and anthems. For example, there was an organist in Scotland who had fallen out with the elders in his church, but he got his … [Read more...]

The Love Commandment in the NT– Part Two

There was a good reason why Jesus insisted that the commandment to love God and to love neighbor was essentially one commandment, and none was greater than it. Jesus knew all too well about the possibility, even the human propensity to separate love of God from love of neighbor, the vertical from the horizontal. The quest for the beatific vision, quite separate from loving one's neighbor, was all too common, and fundamentally flawed. It is the sort of quest we see today when people try to … [Read more...]