Argo— Not???

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Ben Affleck has come a long way as an actor, and now also as a maker of films, and his new film 'Argo' is living proof of it. Based on a true story about six U.S. embassy workers in Teheran who became trapped in the Canadian embassy in 1979 during the violent protests against the U.S. for giving asylum and aide to the former Shah of Iran, here is one more case where truth is stranger than fiction. Truly.Here is a bit of the summary of the back story from the producers---"On November … [Read more...]

Heaven is Real— the Conversion of a Neuro-Scientist


Here is Dr. Alexander, noted neuro-scientist from Harvard who had an experience of the 'other' non-material dimension of reality, while his brain was 'off'. Below is a picture from the article itself of part of what he describes that he saw.And here is a link to this wonderful article which puts a huge question mark into the materialist argument that the mind=the brain. … [Read more...]

The Basic Boss Quiz

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I must confess, while I like Bruce Springsteen, there was a Boss before Springsteen, and his name was Sinatra. Nevertheless, the Asbury Park flash is a good representative sample of classic rock n' roll, and he has written some fine songs, and even done some fine entire albums (my personal favorites would include the early Born to Run album, and some of his more acoustic stuff, like The Rising). But for you Springsteen fans here is a little quiz (with help from the Rolling Stone mag) to … [Read more...]

The Superman Verse—- Phil. 4.13 and what it does not mean


We've all seen the T shirts, and the T-bow eye black touting Phil. 4.13. And the translation always is 'I can do all things in Him who strengthens me'. Leap tall buildings in a single bound, overcome all odds, go boldly where no one has gone before. You get the picture.The problem is, that this translation absolutely makes no sense of the context, and is not a literal rendering of the verse in question at all. The verb 'to do' is nowhere to be found in this Greek verse. The verb … [Read more...]

Which Debate will you Watch?


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Sheldon’s Search for Truth and Love– the Best of Big Bang

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A Polite Bribe—- Thursday 7 p.m. Regal Theater/Hamburg Place

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What Can Be Left Behind?


Every time I look at this photo, I think of Cat Steven's song 'Moonshadow'--- 'and if I ever lose my legs, I won't moan, and I won't beg....'. It's a song about a person who loses various limbs, and how they are still a person after that happens. The 'I' still exists after the loss of that particular body part.Take a good long look at this picture. It's a picture of someone leaving their artificial legs behind, as they go swimming. Is the person without the legs somehow less than a … [Read more...]

Jesus Gets a Website


I am passing on here the same notice my friend Larry Hurtado mentioned a while back, notice that is of a new blog-site devoted to "historical Jesus" issues and managed by two young-and-coming scholars, Dr. Anthony LeDonne and Prof. Chris Keith: … [Read more...]