The Baptism of the Holy Spirit– from another Angle

Sometimes your angle of incidence, the position from which you view things, makes all the difference in the world (see the picture above). Take for instance the popular phrase 'the baptism of the Holy Spirit'. Now as a noun phrase, it does not occur at all, in the New Testament. It is a later label used to refer to some things which are mentioned or discussed in the New Testament, but the question is whether the label actually fits the package, and whether the assumption of what is said in … [Read more...]

The High Point of Saxaphone Playing Part Two am very happy to be able to present to you more than thirty minutes of pure Coltrane--- This is the Lush Life album which originally came out on the Prestige label in the late 50s. The tracks are----1. Like Someone In Love2. I Love You3. Trane's Slo Blues4. Lush Life5. I Hear A RhapsodySay thank you to Youtube for this treat. Pay especial attention to track 4! BW3 … [Read more...]

The High Point of Saxaphone Playing Part One

Went back to the hometown, High Point N.C., while doing an event in Randolph county last month. Had some 'cue-- see picture above (for you non divine swine eaters, that's short for southern barbecue which is hickory smoked pork--- accept no substitutes). My real mission however was not to stop at Kepley's but to finally: 1) find the Coltrane statue downtown, and 2) visit the High Point museum's Coltrane wing (see the next post). Here's the statue and it's explanation---John … [Read more...]

Does Education Have a Future?

(a classroom in Rwanda).I was listening to a lengthy presentation on the future of education as we know it. It was depressing. Very depressing. The presentation was on the changing face of education, but really it should have been called the growing facelessness of education-- education without classrooms, without teachers, without personal interaction, without any incarnational qualities. Just a data transfer by computer and tests, endless small tests. And oh yes---- cheap cost, and … [Read more...]

Review of An Invitation to the New Testament

(Here is a recent five star review of my Invitation to the NT, on the Dubious Disciple blog). You can find a link to the book on right side of this page.Posted on Thursday, August 29, 2013 in Book Reviews | 0 commentsby Ben Witherington III★★★★★This is a beautiful, full-color university text, complete with Further Reading and Study Questions at the end of each section. It’s very well written in Witherington’s usual fascinating prose, though I did uncover a few editing errors. … [Read more...]

Lightfoot on the Relationship of Science and the Christian Faith

In 1881 Lightfoot presided over the twenty-first meeting--the coming of age--of the Church Congress at Newcastle-on-Tyne, The British Association had just kept its jubilee in the metropolis of the Northern Province. Here is the Bishop's happy and characteristically hopeful reference to the coincidence:--The President availed himself of the occasion to sum up the achievements of the half-century past--untrodden fields opened out, fresh sciences created, a whole world of fact and theory … [Read more...]

Lightfoot’s Prayer for the Beginning of Term

"Since it hath pleased Thee, O Lord, that I should be called to take my part in the teaching of this College, grant that I may not assume the same lightly, or without a due sense of the importance of my trust; but, considering it a stewardship, whereof I shall have to render an account hereafter, may faithfully fulfil the same to Thy honour and glory. Grant, O Lord, that neither by word nor deed I may do aught that may weaken the faith, or slacken the practice of those committed to my charge; … [Read more...]

Lightfoot on the Speeches in Acts

In response to some of the outlandish and incorrect claims about the lack of historical substance in the speeches on Acts in recent publications on Acts, it is worth quoting someone who clearly knows the ancient Greek literature, (both ancient historical monographs and ancient biographies not to mention other classical, Hellenistic, and early Christian literature), far better than these contemporary scholars, namely J.B. Lightfoot----"Thus it is asserted that the diction is the same … [Read more...]

A Toto Experience— 4 Fun in Ohio

So me and the Tune Dude (aka, Jeff James ace bass player, and former head of Ichthus), and my sister Laura, and my doctoral student (see top picture) Jason Myers, went on a little jaunt up to O-HI-O (crank up Neil Young and the boys), to see a classic rock concert-- Dave Mason opening for TOTO! Now Toto rarely gets anywhere close to where I live, they don't tour much any more-- after all this is their 35th year, and they have lost some major parts along the way. God bless Jeff Porcaro, now … [Read more...]