Netiquette– a Fresh Start in 2014

(The cartoon above is by one of my favorites cartoonists political and otherwise, the good Mr. Marlette who I enjoyed reading for years in the Charlotte Observer and then he moved on to Atlanta).(I'm not certain where this came from as it was floated my way, but its too good not to re-post. I can claim no credit for its creation).Recently Larry Hurtado republished his rules for commenting on his blog. Amongst the more useful ones are the following (and I quote):"Names: In … [Read more...]

More from the Methodist Museum

No that's not Mr. Depp's father, that's Capt. Thomas Webb, a fire-brand Methodist preacher, known for his apocalyptic flourish. He is one of the many colorful characters whose memorabilia is to be found in the Methodist museum in Baltimore in Lovely Lane Chapel.Here we have Robert Strawbridge's portable pulpit. He was one of the more famous, and independent minded Methodist preachers in Asbury's day, who kept serving communion without Asbury's permission or ordination. That didn't go … [Read more...]

The Women’s Christian Temperance Union

After the Civil War it would be hard to describe the devastation in the South. For one thing, a whole generation of young men were killed. For another, when Lincoln was assassinated Reconstruction took ugly turns under the hands of U.S. Grant, a drunkard. Alcoholism and despair were two major outcomes of that whole period of American history, and in response to it, women like Mrs. Smucker from Orrville Ohio, and Frances Willard. Here is a bust of her found in the Methodist museum at Lovely … [Read more...]

Francis Asbury in Maryland

Maryland, without question, was a hotbed of Methodism in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was in Baltimore where the first Christmas conference was held, and it was in Abingdon Md. where the first Methodist college--- Cokesbury College, was started, which sadly burned to the ground during Asbury's lifetime.In the museum in the current version of Lovely Lane Chapel in Baltimore (it is the sixth edition of this chapel, see the next post) there are several items of Asbury memorabilia. For … [Read more...]

Quoth the Raven—- a Boston Man in Baltimore

Here is the house where Edgar Allan Poe lived for a period in Baltimore with his wife (yes, it's true, he married his 13 year old cousin). And below you will see the marker on the house itself, which today stands in the 'projects', which in various ways is appropriate since Poe was for much of his life a poor man who died under suspicious circumstances.As the Wiki summary will tell you, Poe was actually born and raised in Boston, and then went to the University of Virginia, briefly. He … [Read more...]

The John Wesley Fellows at Old Otterbein UMC

Old Otterbein UMC is the mother church of the United Brethren, which is where the word United comes from in the label UMC. In 1968, the Methodist Church merged with the Evangelical and United Brethren to form one denomination. The EUBs as they used to be called, were German pietists who basically agreed with Wesley's approach to theology, evangelism, and like the Methodists focused on the Sermon on the Mount when it came to ethics. Otterbein himself is buried behind this 19th century church … [Read more...]

Rick Warren on Gay Marriage more recently see..... of the fundamental issues in this discussion which do not come up in these videos is: 1) must a marriage, as Biblically defined, involve both a husband and a wife, who at least potentially can become a father and a mother? If the answer to this is no, then all sorts of arrangements could be called marriage on … [Read more...]

Dreams of my Father

The above pictures are of my father, and Ramses the mascot for the UNC Tar Heels. My father was a cheerleader for Carolina in the mid-30s, during the Depression. As you can see, there were not many persons in the football stands, as the Depression had taken its toll on college enrollment all over the country. My Dad entered Carolina in 1933 at the tender young age of 16. Unfortunately, in 1935, my grandfather, also named Ben Witherington, died unexpectedly of pneumonia, forcing my father to … [Read more...]

The Jesus of Testimony– A New Film … [Read more...]