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To the Cloud——Larry Hurtado on Visualizing the Text

NZ 178

Here is another fine post by my friend Larry Hurtado.-------------------- larryhurtado | August 5, 2011 at 11:43 am | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: I've recently been alerted to software that produces a visual depiction of comparative word/phrase frequencies in texts, a "cloud" visual in which the comparative frequencies are represented by comparative sizes of the words/phrases (probably old news to dedicated bloggers).  Here's the web site where you can make … [Read more...]

Wendell Berry— The Farmer Poet


Sometimes serendipity just happens.  And it happens at unexpected times and in unexpected ways.   Well I guess that's why they call it serendipity.   Tonight my wife was going to a dinner as part of a meeting about sustainable agriculture and community sponsored agriculture.   Asbury University is going to start a student farm,  to help students who are going to do overseas missions so they will be able to help the people they will serve with something as basic as subsistence farming.  (praying g … [Read more...]

IS There a Doctor in the House—- Yes There Is!


It's a long climb up the hill to become a Bible scholar.  And finally, there is a book out that tells you how it can be done--- at least one man's journey, namely mine.   Zondervan has done a nice job with the production, and it is now available on Kindle, at Amazon at CBD etc.I will just say that, of course there are many ways to become a Bible scholar, some easier than others, but there are certain constants along the way, and this book is in some ways my most personal one, full of pe … [Read more...]

The 'Larry Crowne' Affair

Let's admit it,  Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts are some of the best American actors in the business,  hands down.  In various ways, they are some of the most likable.  I mean, who can hate Forrest Gump personified, or Everyman?  And Julia with those angular looks and funky smile and laugh and ability to play a whole variety of roles is something to behold.  She is never dull and boring.So when I heard they were doing a movie together and that Hanks directed and co-wrote the movie,  I thought 'Rig … [Read more...]

More on Manuscripts from Hurtado


Here is yet another useful post from my friend Larry Hurtado on recent scholarship on Greek manuscripts.  BW3----------------- Early Christian Manuscripts Volume larryhurtado | August 3, 2011 at 9:38 am | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: Over the last decade or so, a number of scholars have emphasized the study of early Christian manuscripts as artifacts of ancient Christianity.  NT textual criticism has tended to focus on NT manuscripts and mainly for the wording o … [Read more...]

A Hitchhiker's Guide to Jesus—- For Those Who Care about the Historical Jesus

There are good books, and there are great books on the historical Jesus, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Historical Jesus (Baker, May 2011, $22.99 list).  falls into the latter category, on top of which its a lot of fun to read.   Bruce N. Fisk has done what I wasn't sure was possible at this juncture ---- make the Third Quest for the Historical Jesus interesting and entertaining again.  The greatest compliment I can give to a book is, that I wish I had written it, and this book falls into tha … [Read more...]

Creation Care—- and Clean Coal???


Don't you just hate it when you get lied to by advertisers?  Shouldn't there be a law that says that if statements are demonstrably false, they should not be able to be put in a TV commercial.   If only it were the way things worked.I live in a coal state, a state which depends on the coal industry for a lot of its blue collar jobs.   And yet the coal industry knows perfectly well that it has a major PR problem.  The pay for coal workers in eastern Kentucky is generally speaking pathetic, esp … [Read more...]

Philip the Apostle found in Turkey???— Not so Fast

Here is a link to a radio show I did for Issues Etc.  on the supposed finding of the tomb of Philip the Apostle in Hierapolis in Turkey.... … [Read more...]