The Meaning of Incarnation

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Incarnation is a big word, and sadly, not a lot of Christians either use it, or know what it means. It does not refer to the same thing as the virginal conception, though the latter is the means by which the incarnation of the Son of God took place. Incarnation refers to the choices and acts of a pre-existent divine being, namely the Son of God, that the Son took in order to become a human being. He took on flesh, and became fully, truly human without ceasing to be fully, truly divine. … [Read more...]

The SBL in Chicago-A Potpourri of Things– Part Four


Me with my Turkish friends, Levent Oral and Mark Wilson at the Tutku Tours booth at the SBL.Certainly one of the major sessions at the SBL this year was the panel discussion of the recent collection of essays published by T+T Clark and entitled Paul and the Heritage of Israel. Those participating were Rob Wall, Mikael Parsons, Daniel Marguerat, Loveday Alexander, David Moessner, and Mark Reasoner. The purpose of the book and the seminar is to work across disciplines comparing themes and … [Read more...]

O Mayan

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The SBL in Chicago–A Potpourri of Things– Part Three


Jeff Cate gave an intriguing lecture on a specific papyrus-- p43. He pointed out that rarely were compendiums of Scripture references made and written down in the early centuries of Christianity. And when they were they were parts of primitive lectionaries. It is interesting that the Greek and Syriac lectionaries included no references from the book of Revelation, but the Coptic and Latin ones did do so. One reason to use the verso or back side of a papyrus was to have the whole of a book on … [Read more...]

The SBL in Chicago– A Potpourri of Things Part Two

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One of the more enjoyable things to do at the SBL (besides going to great restaurants like Michael Jordan's Steakhouse, or Santorinis Greek restaurant or the Green Zebra) is going to specialist lectures and learning something. For example, I attended the lecture of MacQuarrie doctoral student Julien Ogereau on the Epidosis Decree in Troizen and its Similarities to Acts 2 and 4. This decree (found in IG IV 757), talks about a one off contribution to the poor and needy, not an ongoing giving to … [Read more...]

The SBL in Chicago- A Potpourri of Things– Part One

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The annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, this year in Chicago, transpired under surprisingly sunny skies and mild and clement weather. Certainly a good time was had by many. As for me I gave a lecture at the Bible Fest sponsored by the Biblical Archaeology Society on 1 Corinthians 11 and women's hair and headcoverings entitled 'A Veiled Threat', and also the keynote address at the IBR (Institute of Biblical Research), which got a spirited rebuttal from Professor Stan Porter of … [Read more...]

‘The Betrayal of Trust’– ‘In the Midst of Life, we are in Death’


On the whole, British novelists seem to be more capable writers when it comes to murder mysteries or thrillers than, say Americans. One such writer who now has a considerable track record is Susan Hill. There are now six novels in the Simon Serrailler series (a Chief Inspector of Detectives) and while her skill with prose is not as good as say P.D. James or Edith Pargeter (the real name of the author of the Cadfael novels) or Paul Doherty, she is plenty good at writing page turners with good … [Read more...]

A Threefold Cord is not Soon Broken…..

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If animals could talk they would say.....'Hop to it, hop to it. They always want us to jump for this, that or the other'.'Why must you always see things as just black or white?''Who is that dear?''Have you ever seen anything as silly as that man with a camera stuck to his nose?''I think we are ready for the Olympic high jump now.'"Owl be there, to love and comfort you...''Did you hear the one about the leopard who could change his spots? … [Read more...]

President Obama’s Homily in Newtown— 2 Cor. 4.7-18 is indeed a rare thing to see a President offer a homily on national TV broadcast to the whole nation. Here is the 18 minute eulogy and homily he offered in Newtown this night Dec. 16th 2012. … [Read more...]