The Durham Chronicles– The Visit to York, Part One

It was finally a nice spring day. Finally. And so in the carpe diem category, since tempus fugit and I fidget I decided to hop on the train and take the hour's ride down to another of my favorite medieval English cities--- York, (for which the Big Apple was likely named). Now there is much to do and see in York--- old medieval houses, the medieval gates or bars as they are called, the walls around the city, Clifford's tower, and of course as the crown jewel--- Yorkminster, a very very … [Read more...]

Lecture on the Bible and the Media

Here is the lecture I gave May 2nd at Castle College on the Bible and the Media...RELIGION AND THE MEDIA IN THE POST-MODERN WORLDPROLEGOMENAI have spent a great deal of my time as a professor of Biblical Studies working with the media--- ABC, NBC, CBS, the BBC, the Discovery and History Channels and so on. There are really two different sorts of dealings with the media that people who teach religion or theology are likely to have in this day and age--- questions from the press … [Read more...]

Edinburgh Lecture— Video

Here's a link to the video of my lecture at Edinburgh April 30th. … [Read more...]

Organ-ic Music– The Revenge of the Organist

There is a hilarious article in today's Daily Telegraph about how English organists have taken revenge on their ministers and others they found difficult to work with. In a survey taken by Christian Research, almost half the respondents mentioned that they had noticed organists slipping snippets of heavy metal classics, advertising jingles, and nursery rhymes into hymns and anthems. For example, there was an organist in Scotland who had fallen out with the elders in his church, but he got his … [Read more...]

The Love Commandment in the NT– Part Two

There was a good reason why Jesus insisted that the commandment to love God and to love neighbor was essentially one commandment, and none was greater than it. Jesus knew all too well about the possibility, even the human propensity to separate love of God from love of neighbor, the vertical from the horizontal. The quest for the beatific vision, quite separate from loving one's neighbor, was all too common, and fundamentally flawed. It is the sort of quest we see today when people try to … [Read more...]

A New Review of A Week in the Life of Corinth’

There are now some twenty reviews on Amazon o 'A Week in the Life of Corinth' and there is a new good one in the Trinity Journal N.S. 34 (Spring 2013), pp. 211-13, by Benjamin Marx. Check it out online. … [Read more...]

The Love Commandment in the New Testament– Part One

It may seem odd, but despite the prominence of commandments to love in the NT, which can also be found in the OT, there have actually not been that many scholarly monographs written on the subject. We could point to the seminal work of C. Spicq, a French scholar, whose mammoth study was finally translated into English, or the classic little book by V.P. Furnish entitled The Love Commandment in the New Testament but scholars have been surprisingly reticent to address this topic in detail, and I … [Read more...]

The Edinburgh Adventure– Part Five

My wife and I are big fans of the Impressionists. In my view, art went mostly downhill in the 20th century after that period. What I had forgotten about the Scottish National Gallery is that it has a nice Impressionist wing with Cezanne, Gaugin, Degas, Monet, Van Gogh... you get the picture. Well.... you will in a minute.This is a lesser known Van Gogh painting of cherry trees in the Spring...On the much more famous side, we have the Monet haystacks....And here is a … [Read more...]

The Edinburgh Adventure– Part Four

Scotland is a land of wild beauty, and even wilder food. Here is a fine painting of the Highlands by a Scottish artist...It's a brave man that takes a pub up on the offer of the following culinary item....It's one thing to eat sheep's innards. It's another to be charge $16 for the privilege!And just when you thought you were going to focus on Scottish artists in the Scottish part of the museum, the stairwells are full of Greeks and Romans busts. I'll let you guess who … [Read more...]