A Polite Bribe– An Interesting Animated Film on Paul

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Personal Ethics—- Jesus Style


Here is a fine quote from E. Stanley Jones:"God met life as you and I meet it--- as a person, Jesus. Jesus called on no power not at our disposal for his own moral battle. He performed no miracle to extricate himself from any difficulty. If Jesus had power, he had power to restrain power, holding it only for the meeting of human need in others. He never performed a miracle just to show power or to confound an [human] enemy. Jesus lived a normal life, so normal that it became the norm. he … [Read more...]

Downton Abbey– Another Splendid British Drama

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Those of us who love the BBC/PBS dramas are well familiar by now with the quality of such shows. They make most American made TV programs look like pure drivel, or worse. There is a reason for this. Britain is a more literate society. People actually read serious fiction, care about their history, think a mind is a terrible thing to waste on drivel or endless video games for that matter. I quite agree.Into the lists of such serious period drama comes Downton Abbey, set at the outset … [Read more...]

Opus Magnum– an Ode for Labor Day


Weary, worn, welts on hand Work has whittled down the man To the bare necessities Of what he is, and what he’ll be Was this then his destiny?Defined, refined by what we do, The toilsome tasks are never through Thorn and thistle, dirt and dust Sweeping clean, removing rust All to earn his upper crust?Sweat of brow, and carried weight Rose too early, slept too late Slaving, striving dawn to dusk Til the shell is barely husk Staunch the stench with smell of musk?But work is n … [Read more...]

Hurtado Again on Did Jesus Exist


The “Did Jesus Exist” Controversy–Encore by larryhurtadoWell, in the four days since I posted my weariness with being asked to engage erroneous statements and often re-treaded claims by a new mini-circle of people attempting to deny that there was a historical figure, Jesus of Nazareth, there has certainly been some lively interest. I've tried to engage serious comments and queries, but it remains to be seen whether those to whom I've responded are really interested in considering matters p … [Read more...]

Goodbye Mr. Evans— a Tribute to Bill Evans

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Paul and Rhetoric— a Review


The long running SNTS seminar 'Paul and Rhetoric' has produced some excellent discussion about Paul's use of Greco-Roman rhetoric, and various collections of essays have been published on this subject, as a direct product of this seminar, and on the basis of other such seminars in the SBL and elsewhere. This particular volume with the same title as the SNTS seminar includes various essays, variously revised or translated or both (everything is in English), from the period of about 2002 to 2008 … [Read more...]

Hurtado’s First Critique of Bousset’s Kyrios Christos


Critique of Bousset Article Availableby larryhurtadoIn one of my very first academic publications, I gave a critique of certain key positions taken in Bousset's classic work, Kyrios Christos (1913), and called for an equivalent effort to build a sounder portrayal of the emergence of earliest Jesus-devotion: Larry W. Hurtado, "New Testament Christology: A Critique of Bousset's Influence," Theological Studies 40 (1979): 306-17. A number of my own publications thereafter were devoted toward … [Read more...]

Hurtado on an Early Christian Papyrus


Kruger on P. Antinoopolis 12 (0232)by larryhurtadoOver the weekend I read with interest the newly-published study of the fragment of 2 John known as P.Antinoopolis 12 (Gregory-Aland 0232) by Michael J. Kruger (former PhD student). The manuscript was dated by C.H. Roberts to the 3rd century CE, and proposed that it originally other Johannine writings, making it the earliest evidence of an early "Johannine corpus" of writings. (The single leaf extant has page numbers preserved: 164-165, so … [Read more...]