Boxing Day– A Christmas Tradition We Ought to Adopt

While Americans are busily treating Dec. 26th as 'exchange day' when they take unwanted Christmas presents back to the stores and exchange them for something they like better, the British, and other nations in the British Commonwealth (and other European nations) are busily celebrating Boxing Day. Here is the Wiki summary of what it is..."Boxing Day is traditionally the day following Christmas Day, when servants and tradesmen would receive gifts from their bosses or employers, known as a … [Read more...]

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Worship at Christmas— Part Seven

Christmas has been hard around here for the last two years. This is because our Christmas angel, pictured above, died suddenly Jan. 11th 2011. This Christmas will be different as well, as we go to Jacksonville, to be with my Mom and sister--- in the heat of Florida. I've never experienced Christmas like that.What happens when you have a child who suddenly and unexpectedly dies, especially a child who so loved Christmas, and was always the distributor of the Christmas presents is that your … [Read more...]

Worship at Christmas— Part Six

In this post we need to talk about 'worship in truth'. Worship in Spirit, or Spirit-filled worship can be quiet or loud, long or short, liturgical or free form, involve a lot of silence or a lot of speaking a singing, it can involve using the charismatic gifts but it need not do so. It can be more spontaneous, or less. There is no single pattern prescribed by the NT. What is necessary is worship that is prompted by God's Spirit and results in God being glorified and people being edified. … [Read more...]

Worship at Christmas— Part Five

I would be willing to bet that the most attended Christmas services are candlelight services. There is something special about services that involve both darkness and light. In terms of theological imagery, this works well with lots of passages in the Gospel of John. "The people who dwell in darkness have seen a great light." Especially in winter, 'when the winter wind moans' (well at least in most places), vesper services including candlelight services are in order, and if properly advertised … [Read more...]