The Vatican’s Top Ten Pop Albums of all Time

The following was a release by Daniel J. Wakin in the NY Times, after the Vatican released its list of Greatest Pop Hits, or was that Pope Hits? Boo, hiss to the final snarky comment about Bob Dylan."The official newspaper of the Holy See, L’Osservatore Romano, has published what it called a “semi-serious” guide to the Top 10 pop albums of all time. In first place was the Beatles’ “Revolver.” The next was “If I Could Only Remember My Name,” David Crosby’s first solo album, followed by Pin … [Read more...]

It’s Been an H of a Winter This Year

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America Goes to Pot

No doubt you've heard about how Colorado now has marijuana for sale over the counter quite legally. No doubt as well, you can imagine cash strapped individuals, cities, and states salivating over the possibilities of making good money off of such sales. Why there are testimonials all over the place about how harmless, or alternately helpful marijuana can be, and not just for medicinal purposes when you are in pain. It's supposed to unwind your mind, and re-thread your head in good ways, and … [Read more...]

Emotionally UnHelpful and Unhealthy Spirituality

Here is an excellent post by my friend Dr. James Howell. See what you think. BW3 -----Emotionally Un-Healthy SpiritualityDuring my lifetime, we the people have become far more attuned to healthy eating. We care about how the food was processed, how it's prepared, and the impact on our bodies, now and over a lifetime.So how odd then that when it comes to our spiritual life, we gobble up spiritualities that are maybe quick, readily available, easy and even cheap! There is a lot … [Read more...]

The Apostolic Fathers– Helpful Editions

Here below is a helpful post by Larry Hurtado. He does not mention what I would consider the best Intro to getting into the Fathers, namely my former GCTS classmate Rod Whitacre's Patristic Greek Reader published in 2007 by Baker, but otherwise this is a helpful summary. I should also add, that new unpublished works by Lightfoot, including essays on the Apostolic Fathers, will soon be forthcoming from yours truly and Todd Still under the title The Lightfoot Legacy. Stay tuned. ----The … [Read more...]

Rock n’ Roll and Me—- Part Four

A Rack Jobber? Perhaps you've not heard of the term. It's a person who puts record products up on prominent racks in the record store in order to promote those records. They work in tandem with promoters. Ahhhh.... promoters. They were some of the great evangelists of the 70s who were never recognized as such. I remember very well the day in 1973 that Mr. Grand Funk Railroad promoter landed in the Record Bar in Charlotte. He was flogging the band's new single 'We're an American Band'. Mark … [Read more...]

Parochialism in a Global World

(That's me preaching on Phil. 2.4-11 and Sam is translating it into Hindi).That's me preaching in yet another country last Sunday. Somehow the list has gotten long. This month I added India to the list of where I've preached and taught. I did not realize when I signed up for the itinerant Methodist thing, that it would involve going to dozens of countries. I was thinking a dozen appointments perhaps in good ole North Carolina. Something happened along the way, chiefly because my books … [Read more...]

Troubled Waters— a New Review

Here is an interesting new review of my little book on baptism, entitled Troubled Waters. See what you think... … [Read more...]

Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God– Part Nine

Chapter Three of Tom Wright's magnum opus is a first rate summary of Greek philosophy insofar as it has relevance to understanding the thought world and writing of Paul. Particular focus is given to Stoicism (including helpful discussions of Seneca and Epictetus of course). Such a precis is important because, as Tom stresses, Paul believed he was offering an essentially Jewish message to a largely pagan world (p. 200) and he wanted it to be a word on target, a persuasive word. The one thing I … [Read more...]