Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God– Part Sixty Two

Certainly one of the more important topics to be discussed when it comes to eschatology is ‘the day of the Lord’ or ‘the day of Jesus’ and on pp. 1079-80 Tom provides a helpful listing of references to ‘that day’ ranging from 1 Cor. 1.8;5.5;2 Cor. 1.14; 1 Thess. 5.2; 2 Thess. 2.2; Phil. 1.6,10; Phil. 2.16; Rom. 2.5,16; Rom. 13.12; 1 Cor. 3.13; Ephes. 4.30; 2 Tim. 1.18; 2 Tim. 4.8. In every case this is a reference to… Read more

Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God– Part Sixty One

Eschatology is a tricky subject in various ways. On the one end of the spectrum one can make the mistakes we see Dispensationalism making again and again when it tries to co-ordinate contemporary events with generic or more universal Biblical prophecies about the future. On the other end of the spectrum there are those who want to subsume all the NT discourse under the general label of apocalyptic and suggest there really is no continuous narrative, as Wright keeps asserting,… Read more

An Evening with C.S. Lewis

Michael Halcomb and I were fortunate enough to catch David Payne here in Lexington at the Lyric Theatre performing his one man dramatization of C.S. Lewis. The show is divided into halves, one half about Lewis in his many roles in Oxford, and as a Christian, and one half about his relationship with Joy Davidman whom he eventually married. If you get a chance to go see him, I recommend it. It’s lots of fun and interesting as well. The… Read more

Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God– Part Sixty

As Tom informed us early on in this opus, the three major or central chapters including finally Chapter 11, on eschatology, are the most crucial parts of this major discussion on Paul. So we will be working carefully through pp. 1043-1266 for quite a few posts. That Wright is treating eschatology last in these three main chapters is in some ways traditional, but it is also in some ways a problem because all of Paul’s thought is done in an… Read more

Is Christ a Name or a Title?

In the discussions of Tom Wright in his recent opus, he stresses again and again that Christos is not merely a name, rather it regularly indicates that Jesus is the Jewish messiah, the anointed one of God. Here is reflection of another scholar, meditated to us by a fine post by Larry Hurtado that offers us a third choice…. which may break new ground. BW3 — The Messianic Jesus in Paul’s Christology by larryhurtado Some time back, in a posting… Read more

Jenkins on the Secret Gospel of Mark as a Hoax

Philip Jenkins Alexandrian Attitudes A new source for the “Secret Gospel of Mark.” In 1973, Morton Smith announced a spectacular discovery that promised to reshape the understanding of the New Testament. The authenticity of that alleged find is still hotly debated, and I belong to the school that believes it to be fiction. Actually, I would go further. I think his find was from the first inspired by fiction, by novels. One of those fictional sources is now well known,… Read more

Mercy— Shut UP!

Here is an interesting post from my friend Philip Jenkins. See what you think— BW3 ——– MERCY – SHUT UP! April 18, 2014 By Philip Jenkins Easter is a time for sober reflection on matters of death and Resurrection, and not, one would think, an occasion for humor. Throughout history, though, some Christians at least – including major cultural figures – have so relished the news of Christ’s triumph that they cannot contain their glee in declaring the good news…. Read more

Hurtado on Christology and Wright

Messiah and Worship by larryhurtado In Tom Wright’s new opus on Paul, there is a section headed “Jesus as Risen and Enthroned Son of God” (pp. 690-709), where he offers a proposal for how Jesus came to be regarded as in some sense “divine” so quickly after his execution. To cite his own words: “. . . the resurrection, demonstrating the truth of Jesus’ pre-crucifixion messianic claim, joined up with the expectation of YHWH’s return on the one hand, and… Read more

Critical Judgment and the Allure of the Internet

Virtual reality is an interesting thing. With the help of technology it is now possible to make unreal things look entirely real— and scary. The above is a picture of Herod’s hand built seaport. It’s clearly a painting and not a picture of course, but with CG it would be possible to create such a scene that is convincing to the naked eye. See for example the scene at the beginning of the movie Alexander where the harbor and the… Read more

Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God– Part Fifty Nine

On p. 1021, Tom again broaches the subject of theosis, or divination. Though he does not give us a succinct definition of what he means, I take it that he is referring to God dwelling within his people, not just in their midst but actually within them “Christ in you the hope of glory”. Col. 1.27. Another way of putting this would be the Spirit of the Lord dwells in his temple, the temple being both individually and collectively the… Read more

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