The Thrill of Discovery— a Lost Synagogue


(Mark Fairchild and I have had many adventures exploring Turkey together. Mark is a real explorer and risk taker. I am more of a dabbler when it comes to exploration. I remember a recent trip to a site near Ararat which found me clinging to a cliff which Mark climbed through in a driving wind and rain. As for me.... I hung out in a niche on the other side while he snapped pictures of ancient worthies carved in the cliff. Here is his account of how he discovered lost synagogues in Cilicia. … [Read more...]

Did Jesus Exist?— The Audio File Version


Here, thanks to Eric Sawyer, is my dialogue with Bart Ehrman as an audio file. … [Read more...]

Asbury Grad Joe Castillo on America’s Got Talent

See the link above.  Here is one of Asbury's most talented artists and graduates. He got three thumbs up on America's Got Talent. … [Read more...]

The Aurora Debacle

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In the wake of the disaster at the Cineplex in Aurora Colorado it really is time for us to rethink entirely our gun (and ammo) control laws. Colorado has one of the most lax gun control laws in the country, in fact in the world. The arguments of the NRA and other gun totters no longer hold any merit in the wake of 71 people being injured or killed by a person who bought guns entirely legally and never had more than a speeding ticket before in terms of ‘criminal’ activity. The typical arg … [Read more...]

Oh,Oh,Oh– The Golf Boys are not your Daddy's golfers.....or goofers....or gospelers..... but their all good Christian boys who play on the tour. Can you name them?? … [Read more...]

The Dark Knight Meets the Bane of his Existence


Trilogies are interesting phenomena. They are rather like three movement concertos. Just as you would not be allowed to come in just before the third movement without first having heard the other two, this movie is one of those where you need to have seen its predecessors to really appreciate it. No, I don't mean you need to read all the old Batman comics, or revisit the comic TV show which turned Batman and Robin into farce. Nor do I mean you need to go back and work through all the … [Read more...]

Bumper to Bumper

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Perhaps you've seen this bumper sticker before, or a variant thereof. I saw one in Lexington recently that said 'Born Once: Doing O.K.' What we are talking about here is just another manifestation of the rising tide of ire, frustration with, and outright rejection of Evangelical Christianity in America. And while a rising tide may not float all boats, it is certainly true that you have a variety of people riding the wave of growing opposition to Evangelicalism in our increasingly … [Read more...]

The Day Carolina Basketball Killed my Cat

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Truth is often stranger than fiction, and in this case, the passing away recently of one of the famous members of Carolina's 1957 undefeated championship team (the noteworthy Pete Brennan) brought to mind the day in 1958 or so I unexpectedly found another member of that team in my front yard apologizing for hitting my cat. But I am getting ahead of the story.People can say all they want about some of the great Final Fours in modern basketball history, and Carolina has played and won … [Read more...]

What Price Closure?

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I was watching a Dateline program. This one was about a situation where a man was accused of killing a teenage girl, he did confess, but then he recanted, saying he was a teen at the time and was coerced. What interested me most about the story (besides the fact that the man is getting a second trial years later), is the reaction of the mother. Her basic words were "I want some closure here, and some justice. I want to stop living in limbo." What she really wanted was her son to be … [Read more...]