The Boston Experence— Part Four

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Directly across the street from Trinity Episcopal Church at Copley Square is the Boston Public Library, which today is largely a reference and special exhibits library. A little history with the help of Wiki is in order...The Boston Public Library (est.1848) is a municipal public library system in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. It was the first publicly supported municipal library in the United States, the first large library open to the public in the United States, and the first … [Read more...]

Four Albums for Summer Fun


If you are in the music doldrums, or doing a lot of driving this summer and needing some tunes to keep you awake, alert, and actually interested in what is happening, I have some suggestions for you.The first is for those, sooner or later, going to the beach. And there is no more beachy album than the first new album by the Beach Boys in 16 long years, an album put together to front or back their 50th anniversary (yes you heard me right) tour this summer. This word just in---it's really … [Read more...]

The Boston Experience Part Three

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Ah books. Many of my happiest hours have been spent in book shops, especially one as vintage as Brattle's Antiquarian Bookshop, which boasts on the sign that it is the oldest continually operating Bookshop in America, dating back to the 18th century. Honestly, I believe it. There are some books still in there from the 18th and 19th century! I for example looked at a vintage set of two volumes by Hannah Moore, first edition dating 1830ish. If you don't know her, look her up.In its more … [Read more...]

The Boston Experience– the Museums Part Two

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I love grand old churches, and as grand old churches go, the mammoth Romanesque Trinity Episcopal Church in Back Bay in Boston certainly merits the term grand if not grandiose. Largely the brain child of the famous American pulpiteer (and hymnist) Philip Brooks who was rector here for the better part of his life in the mid to late 19th century, Trinity Church remains an active church, boasting 4,000 households in its parish (though one may wonder how many of those households show up … [Read more...]

The Boston Experience— the Museums Part One

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(An Impressionistic painting of Charles Street by Childe Hassam)There are numerous museums in Boston, the most European of our cities in America. Since I was going to be there for three full days, and since I was finished with commencement responsibilities Wednesday night, this gave me two full days to have some fun in my favorite big city. I have to tell you that after the heat and humidity in Lexington (95 and 85% when I left) it was literally a wonderful breath of fresh air to be in … [Read more...]

More Still on Women, Jesus, and Paul


Paul and Thecla the earliest image of Paul in the cave of worship above Ephesus.(Here is a nice piece by Todd Still my colleague and friend on women, Jesus and Paul. See what you think---- BW3)Jesus and Paul on Women: Incomparable or Compatible?Todd D. Still, Ph.D. • William M. Hinson Professor of Christian ScripturesGeorge W. Truett Theological Seminary • Baylor University • Waco, Texas1. IntroductionFive years ago, a book that I edited appeared in print under the title J … [Read more...]

Gone to Carolina— in the Flesh

 Off on vacation to the good ole Carolina beaches, but I'm leavin you with my main man from Chapel Hill J.T. with his son Ben Taylor. This is from a gig in Raleigh.  I was fortunate enough to live in Chapel Hill when the Taylor family was still around, mostly Livingston and the younger siblings as James had signed with Apple for his first album back in 1967.  But he was in and out of town regularly, and we were fortunately enough to see him regularly sometimes in small venues like Cat's … [Read more...]

William Rimmer’s Flight and Pursuit

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The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is one of the very finest art museums in the world, and not merely in the U.S. Amongst its many treasures are works by American artists (including American Impressionists) whom we hardly know, or don't know at all. William Rimmer is one such artist who, while born in England, moved to the U.S. and had a remarkably varied career. He was a doctor, as well as an artist amongst many things he attempted.I especially love this painting of a man who thinks he … [Read more...]

More on the Chester Beatty Papyri in Dublin

Here's a nice story by Larry Hurtado about a recent trip to Dublin to see the Chester Beatty papyri.... some of our earliest fragments of NT manuscripts. Dublin: Papyri by larry hurtadoYesterday, accompanied by my new colleague, Dr. Matt Novenson, and 11 of our PhD students, I went to Dublin to visit again the Chester Beatty Library and give a little workshop focused on their fabulous collection of biblical papyri. Out on a 8.10 a.m. flight there and back in Edinburgh by 9 p.m. (ca. … [Read more...]