Hobbiton comes Alive Again


My Kiwi sources are keeping me informed on the progress of the filming of the two Hobbit movies.  Still mostly just B roll so far,  but the village of Hobbiton has been beautiful recreated again and here are two shots of the now svelt Peter Jackson at Bag End.    He no longer looks like a troll, and apparently his health is good again. … [Read more...]

What the World Needs Now……


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'For whom the Bell Tolls…' Part Two for Heaven's Sake

Note: See also Part 1 of this chapter-by-chapter review of "Love Wins."Chapter Two of Rob Bell’s new book is about Heaven, and it is a much longer chapter than chapter one (pp. 21-62).  And almost from the outset, we have a category mistake.  Rob is right that there is not a lot of discussion in the NT about ‘dying and going to heaven’.  It is a mistake however to equate heaven with everlasting life, which does indeed begin here and now.  It is important to say from the outset that I am not cri … [Read more...]

Love is All You Need, Says the World

Whether you agree with Rob Bell or not on the subject of whether Love Wins in the end in every case,   it seems undeniable to me that "what the world needs now,  is love sweet love...."   as Dionne Warwick used to sing.    Here is a moving worldwide tribute to the Beatles' classic song. … [Read more...]

Do not Ask for whom the Bell tolls…… A Chapter by Chapter review of 'Love Wins'

Those of you who have been paying attention to my blog for a while will know that I have liked a good deal of what I have heard, and read, and seen from Rob Bell.  Even my 60 something Sunday school class members loved his Nooma videos and their wonderful creativity.   Rob Bell is a poet and a pastor and a sometime musician, and his writing reflects this.  At times, he is also a keen analyst and presenter and preacher of some Biblical texts.  If you've never seen the scapegoat video, you need to … [Read more...]

Time's Scar— Music Composed for Video Games

As  some of you will already know, not only is there lots of money in the video game industry, there are lots of subsidiary industries that now depend on it--- one of which is the music industry.  Original compositions are being composed to accompany this video game or that video game,  and my alert  Xbox son  the computer  dude sent me the following sample of some of the music at the PAX convention in Boston this past week which he and his fiancee Emily attended.      I have to say--- this is pr … [Read more...]

A New Review of Roman Numerals


As  most of you know,  my wife and I are writing a series of seven Christian thrillers,  and a new review of the second Art West adventure,  Roman Numerals  has just appeared, giving the book four stars.   Here is the review...Roman numerals is the second Art West adventure from Ben and Ann Witherington. Ben is a prolific and widely respected biblical scholar who has written widely in new testament history, exegesis and theology. Ann is his biology-professor wife. And together they have … [Read more...]

Thoughts for the Day


According to scientific studies, in an average day, a person will have no less than 3,000 thoughts.   Think of that for a moment.   One wonders in an age of short attention spans if this number is increasing.   3,000 thoughts.   If it is even partially true that as a person thinks, so they are,  we must be a lot of different things.    One also wonders how many of these 3,000 thoughts occur in dreams.    One of the things that happens to me, from time time,  is I will wake up in the middle of the … [Read more...]

Is' the Lincoln Lawyer' a Lawyer like Lincoln?

It is fair to say that Matthew McConaughhey has made his fair share of weak chick flicks.   This is definitely not one of them.  This movie is slick, involves a good courtroom drama, and has various twists and turns.  One could say that this is the best drama Matthew has ever done, and he is rightly getting some recognition for his acting in this film.   The film as well has an excellent supporting cast.   One could have wished for more of a part for the splendid Marisa Tomei.    William Macy and … [Read more...]