The War on Christians in the World Today

While many of us have been appalled by the recent attacks on Coptic Christians in Egypt and the terroristic acts against churches in Pakistan, what many fail to realize, including apparently the author of the recent book on early Christian martyrdom reviewed previously on this blog, is that these actions are part of a much larger pattern of such persecution and murder. Here is a quote from a recent important article on this subject (see the link below),"According to the Pew Forum, between … [Read more...]

Martin Hengel on History and the Gospels– Part Four … [Read more...]

Martin Hengel on History, Jesus, and the Gospels Part Three … [Read more...]

Martin Hengel on History and the Gospels– Part Two … [Read more...]

Martin Hengel on History and the Four Gospels Part One Martin Hengel was one of the great historians of the New Testament period, and also one of the great New Testament scholars of the twentieth century. It is hard to believe he has been gone now four years. I always found him a wonderful and gracious person, but also a strong rhetorician when it came to defending the Christian faith. Here are four interviews from near the end of his life. Enjoy … [Read more...]

Hurtado on Did Jesus Demand to be Worshipped?

by larryhurtadoIn the continuing scholarly discussion about the origins and nature of earliest "Jesus-devotion" (my term for the reverence given to the risen/exalted Jesus in early Christian beliefs, proclamation, and worship), a question repeatedly emerges, especially from the general public: Did Jesus demand that he be so reverenced?In fact, not long after my book, Lord Jesus Christ: Devotion to Jesus in Earliest Christianity appeared (Eerdmans, 2003), I was invited by the editor of … [Read more...]

Another Review of Aslan’s Jesus Book

Here is another review of Aslan's recent Jesus book, which appeared in the London review of books, saying basically what Hurtado said-- namely that the book focuses too much on the Zealot issue, rehashing old arguments, and leaves out some major clues to Jesus' identity and ministry--- namely the parables. See what you think....The snake slunk off Diarmaid MacCullochZealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslan Westbourne, 296 pp, £17.99, August, ISBN 978 1 … [Read more...]

The Fifth Estate– Plumber Needed

Probably there are few in the world who have not heard about Wiki-Leaks and its steady stream of information supplied directly to the public about all kinds of legerdemain, lies, plots, ploys, violence, violations and you name it by nations great and small, rulers legitimate and illegitimate, bankers honest and corrupt. There is an irony of course to calling one's organization wiki-leaks, when one is leaking enormous state and trade and business secrets. More like wiki-tidal waves.The new … [Read more...]

The Bible’s Deep History— by Phillip Jenkins

Here's an interesting post by my fellow Patheos blogger, Philip Jenkins. See what you think. BW3THE BIBLE’S DEEP HISTORY October 18, 2013 By Philip JenkinsI have been spending a lot of time recently with the apocryphal texts of the Old Testament, the pseudepigrapha. This material can become obsessive!Through much of Christian history, the relationship between Old and New Testaments was very different from how most would imagine it today. Modern believers certainly see foretastes o … [Read more...]