What I Regularly Tell My Cat

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Church and Hell according to the New Yorker

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Tendentious Scribes and Textual Criticism

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Inspiration and Canon from a Historical Viewpoint

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Critical Study of the Bible and My Faith Journey

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Is America a Secular Nation?

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To some it seems self-evident. America is a secular country. It does not officially or legally endorse any particular religion. This must make it secular----- right? Actually, this is incorrect in almost any way you could analyze the situation. Let’s take the situation de facto first. As any recent Gallup poll will show you, Americans are a profoundly religious bunch. Some polls show us that somewhere close to 85% of all those polls consider themselves religious or very religious, s … [Read more...]

Rome, Love, and Celebrity….and Woody Allen


There are many sides to Woody Allen, and most of them are funny. His neurotic New York schtick is always fun to watch, and Woody is right on form in this movie. Here he plays an avant garde music impresario who has never found success---- due to his attempts to mesh opera with the theater of the absurd. Never, that is until he finds a mortician who can sing in the shower, but not much of anywhere else.But this movie is not mainly about Woody himself, 'To Rome with Love' is a pretty … [Read more...]

Important Classic Study on the Corpus Paulinum


Here's is a helpful tip from Larry Hurtado. Zuntz’s Classic Study Reprinted by larryhurtadoI confess to having discovered only recently that the classic study by Guenther Zuntz, The Text of the Epistles: A Disquisition Upon the Corpus Paulinum (1946) was reprinted recently (by Wipf & Stock, 2007) in a paperback edition (and so cheaper by far than buying one of the hard-to-get used hardback copies). Zuntz' book remains the most thorough study of the emergence of a Pauline c … [Read more...]

Brave, Braveheart, or Wildheart?


I have gone on record as saying that I would watch anything Pixar ever produced, and I have pretty much done so. Their animation is second to none, or in this case their digital picture drawing. The movie Brave, and its wonderful short subject La Luna further illustrate their mastery of this technique. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to the plot, the characters, and the dialogue. 'Brave' has been out for some time now, and has gotten mixed, but mostly favorable reviews. The … [Read more...]