There is a new book out on the market comparing and contrasting four popular recent translations Evangelicals tend to use--- the NIV, the NLT, the ESV, and the HCSB. The book is entitled Which Bible Translation Should I Use? A Comparison of Four Recent Versions, and its introducers and editors are Andrew Kostenberger and David Croteau (B+H, 2012, 204 actual pages). Each of the four versions are essentially presented or defended by four individuals who were involved in the translation work … [Read more...]

Life as Prayer— St. Francis

The following is a post of my friend and fellow Methodist minister James Howell of Charlotte. See what you think....Life as a prayer - read Mark 9:38-41St. Francis of Assisi died 786 years ago last night. He was the ultimate Bible student. Whatever he heard in the Gospels that Jesus did, he added that to his to-do list; whatever Jesus said, he took it personally as a direct command, not something requiring spin, or reinterpretation, or postponement until a more convenient time. … [Read more...]

Lee and Zamajobe— Have a Lovely Day!

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Zamajobe— Pure Magic

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Live at Daryl Hall’s House— Kiss on my List (with Rob Thomas) … [Read more...]

Live at Daryl Hall’s House— Papa Was a Rolling Stone … [Read more...]

Lee Ritenour and Company—- On a Roll!

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Live at Daryl Hall’s House—- Cab Driver … [Read more...]

The Wedding of David Witherington and Emily Feeley

On October 20th our son got married to his fiance Emily Feeley. Here is a nice picture in the Church in Norwood Pa. where they got married. A good time was had by all! … [Read more...]