God of the Living— Part Two


The Prolegomena to the discussion of Biblical Theology in God of the Living is far from perfunctory. It sets up the discussion in various ways. From the outset the authors make clear that God is not knowable in himself by mere human inquiry, only as God reveals himself to us. This means that the doctrine of God is inevitably linked to a doctrine of revelation. But that is not all. This volume is not merely Karl Barth all over again. The authors stress that God must be experienced to be … [Read more...]

God of the Living– Part One


Let's start the New Year off with a bang---- an extended review and critique of one of the most important books written on Biblical Theology in many years. Reinhard Feldmeier and Hermann Spieckerman have produced a $60, 620 pages salvo of monumental proportions which has already been favorably reviewed at the SBL by several major scholars. At the end of this series of posts, I will post several of their briefer reviews, so you can hear other voices chiming in other than mine. Needless to say, … [Read more...]

New Year’s Resolution— Better Ecclesiology


One of the real problems which has plagued the Protestant movement from Day One is bad or weak ecclesiology. What I mean by this is that in various cases it is both unBiblical, and it is also often unworkable. It is unBiblical because there definitely is a hierarchy of leadership in the early church that extends beyond a particular local congregation, and furthermore, there is a concept of 'church' and its leadership structures which transcends a particular local expression of the church say … [Read more...]

Towards a Biblical Theology– Last Part


C. The Scope of ScobieReading Scobie is a cautionary tale for this writer because too few people have read him because of the girth of his study on Biblical Theology--- over 1,000 pages! It is in some ways appropriate that we end this long odyssey with a discussion of his work, which really is the only full dress comprehensive Biblical Theology available these days which is conversant with most of the relevant literature and approaches the subject with a critical rigor to produce competent … [Read more...]

Glam Shot of BW3 at 60


You're allowed to go a little over the top at your 60th birthday. You may blame my sister Laura for the hat and the glasses. Yes, I am also wearing a Jerry Garcia tie. The picture was taken by that intrepid OT scholar---- Bill Arnold. … [Read more...]

Too Many Birthdays!

110915ATS witherington153

Dr. Witherington is resting on his laurels today and celebrating having survived 60 years of living. He is listening to the Beatles prospective classic 'When I'm 64' and thinking about the future. He will return to his blog tomorrow, an older, but hopefully wiser man.-----Jeff James of Ichthus fame has sallied forth with a bit of verse for birthday BW3-- Here it tis.....Throughout the world there 're few we've found Whose thoughts are published all around In blogs and books … [Read more...]

That ole ‘Warhorse’ Gallops into View


There are two prerequisites for being a movie reviewer in Lexington Ky.: 1) review all films involving George Clooney (which in itself is a formidable task since he seems to appear on the big screen more than the local weatherman does on the TV) and 2) review all movies about horses (usually filmed here as well, e.g. Seabiscuit). I am in good standing when it comes to these criteria.The phrase 'that ole Warhorse' comes actually from the world of music, and refers to a familiar tune often … [Read more...]

Towards a Biblical Theology– Part Seven


B. RICHTER AND THE EPIC OF URZEIT UND ENDZEIT EDEN Sandra Richter is nothing if not forthright in throwing down the gauntlet in her book, The Epic of Eden. The Bible, she says is the story of redemption, but lest we think this study will be all narratology and no history, she also stresses at the outset that when one opens the Bible one discovers “the God of history has chosen to reveal himself through a specific human culture. To be more accurate, he chose to reveal himself in several i … [Read more...]

Towards a Biblical Theology– Part Six


CODA: RECENT ATTEMPTS AT BIBLICAL THEOLOGYSince there actually have been some rather well-received attempts at doing Biblical theology of late, it will be well to evaluate them, especially since we also now have the careful and helpful textbook on Biblical theology written by James K. Mead. Our approach in this Coda will be to examine some of things the Mead brings to light first, and then apply those insights to the analysis of two important works, Sandra Richter’s The Epic of Eden, a … [Read more...]