Esperanza Spalding– Radio Music Society


Esperanza Spalding is, as they say, polymath. She can do jazz, she can do classical, she can do blues, she can do pop/rock. The only thing I've not heard her do is Gospel. And she writes her own stuff, as well as giving spiffy reinterpretations to tunes by Stevie Wonder, Wayne Shorter and others. And did I mention the girl has a nice (though somewhat thin) voice, and can play the daylights out of the bass (her primary instrument).Her new CD, Radio Music Society, comes on the heels of … [Read more...]

A Week in the Life of Corinth— Goes Live


Imagine what it would be like to spend a week in Paul's Corinth--- as a freedman caught between two wealthy patricians who want your services.....and then you meet Paul. This little novella is now available in a print edition, and it includes all kinds of pictures and explanations of daily life in Corinth in the NT era, all supporting the novella itself. And yes... there will be a Kindle edition eventually. Here's a affordable opportunity to get inside the life of first century … [Read more...]

A Recent Article on Grieving and Christy

1980 2

Here is a link to a nice article that my friend Peter did for the Louisville newspaper at Easter. … [Read more...]

Easter from a Different Perspective— Happy Easter … [Read more...]

Palm Sunday Sermon— Great Expectations


(The following sermon was preached April 1 at the Woodlands UMC in the Woodlands Texas). GREAT EXPECTATIONS, MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENTS--- MT. 21.1-11  We are used to seeing Palm Sunday as a day of great celebration, and indeed it was and is,  but not for the reasons we usually think.  We associate the day with Jesus being King and riding into Jerusalem as a king, and with children waving palm branches in his honor.   The Gospel story in fact tells a slightly dif … [Read more...]

Doubting Thomas, Right on Q


Here is a very nice review by Larry Hurtado on an important new monograph on the Gospel of Thomas.  See what you think.-------- Gospel of Thomas and the Synoptic Gospels by larryhurtadoI've just previewed a forthcoming book that mounts an impressive case for the view that The Gospel of Thomas reflects acquaintance with (and reaction to) the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke): Mark Goodacre, Thomas and the Gospels: The Case for Thomas's Familiarity with the … [Read more...]

Women and the Ministry Part Two … [Read more...]

Women in Ministry Part One! … [Read more...]

What Does the Term Monotheism Mean?

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Here's a link to an important series of interviews about the meaning of Biblical monotheism.  See what you think.  … [Read more...]