Every Picture Tells a Story Part One

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Thor's Well Cape Perpetua OregonEmerald Lake Tongariro National Park New ZealandRestaurant on the east coast of Zanzibar (gives new meaning to drinks on the rocks)Desert with Scorpion Weed flowering once in several years.Balloons over CapadocciaDubai skyscrapers in the cloudsDubai skyscraper (think Mission Impossible)Trees growing in the forest near Gryphino Poland.The border between the Netherlands and Belgium-- only a coffee … [Read more...]

Review of ‘God of the Living’–Walter Brueggemann


------ Feldmeier and Spieckermann have produced for us a magnificent study that is surely to become the bench-mark and reference point for our on-going work in biblical theology. It is an enormously ambitious undertaking, as they themselves acknowledge that the mastery of both testaments in a common study requires more than one scholar; the mass and complexity of the material is surely beyond the scope and capacity of any single scholar. The format of the work is a brilliant and comprehensive … [Read more...]

Our Christy Girl


All together as a family for Christmas 2012, one last time-- Ben, Christy, Ann, Yuliya, David … [Read more...]

Reviews of ‘God of the Living’– Jack Miles


(N.B. The first two reviews put up on the blog were by New Testament scholars, Hays and Hurtado, the latter two are by OT scholars).JACK MILESI am pleased, honored, and humbled in a somewhat disconcerting tangle of emotions to have been invited to comment on a work—God of the Living, A Biblical Theology—whose rigor and immensity tend on first encounter to provoke gratitude and something like awe in an aging sometime exegete rather than an even remote approach to critique. This work is … [Read more...]

Our Christy Girl From Durham Has Gone Home


Christy Ann Witherington ObituaryChristy Ann Witherington died in her home in Durham, NC of natural causes on Wednesday, January 11, 2012. Christy was born August 14, 1979 in Durham, England where her parents lived from 1977 – 1980 while her father pursued his Ph.D. at the University of Durham. Christy graduated from P.L. Dunbar High School in 1997. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Purdue University in 2002 with a degree in experimental psychology. She completed her Masters in A … [Read more...]

Reviews of ‘God of the Living’– Larry Hurtado


( Note from BW3. One of the more constant queries about the book is why the subtitle calls it a Biblical Theology, rather than using the German subtitle which refers to the Doctrine of God in the Bible. That, as Hays pointed out is a narrower field of discussion, though very important. Some of the objects raised have to do with decisions made about the English translation of the book, and its more limited title and table of contents). God of the Living: A Biblical Theology An Appreciative … [Read more...]

Reviews of ‘The God of the Living’–Richard Hays


By kind permission of Carey Newman, the director of Baylor U. Press, I am reprinting the responses at the SBL session to Feldmeir and Spieckermann's 'The God of the Living' in the next four posts. I will then return to my detailed analysis of the book. First up to bat is Richard Hays. ------Critical Response to Feldmeier and Spieckermann, God of the Living Richard B. Hays SBL Meeting, San Francisco, 20 November 2011Introduction: In 1975 the eminent NT scholar Nils Dahl, who taught … [Read more...]

New Interview on the Historical Jesus


(House of the Fishermen in Bethsaida--- where Peter and Andrew lived)I did an interview on radio the other day on the historical Jesus. Here is a link to it.http://eternityimpact.blogspot.com/2012/01/historical-jesus-da-vinci-code-bart.html BW3 … [Read more...]

‘The God of the Living’ (Chapter 1)– Calling God Names


Names and naming in modernity and in antiquity are two different things in entirely. Names in antiquity often reveal or connote something about the nature of the one named. In Feldmeir and Spieckermann's Biblical Theology, it is both interesting and important that they start with the issue of the names of God. To begin with the authors stress that in the paradigmatic prayer of Jesus, both the proximity and the distance between us and God is stressed. On the one hand he may be addressed as … [Read more...]