Andrew Lincoln on the I Am Sayings … [Read more...]

‘Lincoln’ Logs In– A Historical Movie for the Ages

This one was personal, deeply personal for me as a son of the South. As a child I used to read all about the Confederacy. I still have my Pictorial History of the Confederacy. I grew up in the old South before integration in the public schools, before integration at public restaurants, when there were still separate bathrooms at all sorts of public places, and one of them said 'colored'. Not black men and then black women, but one bathroom labeled 'colored'. I remember even seeing one of the … [Read more...]

Andrew Lincoln on the Water into Wine Miracle … [Read more...]

Andrew Lincoln on the Purpose of the 4th Gospel … [Read more...]

Huntin’ Season in Kentucky

[The following courtesy of intrepid internet searcher Jim Horn]Check List Complete:I scouted the area all summer. . .I searched out the best location for my tree-stand . .I set it all up a month ahead of time . . .I trailed the herd . . .I picked out a trophy buck ..Two days before opening day I rechecked every aspect of the hunt . ..Everything was in place . . ..Sunday morning, I woke up at 2 am . .. .I put on … [Read more...]

Andrew Lincoln on the Spiritual Gospel— John’s Lincoln was one of the best NT teachers I ever had at Gordon-Conwell Seminary between 1974-77. I am presenting here a series of his reflections on John. … [Read more...]

Only Have Eyes for You–Daryl and Jason Mraz goes out to those happy newly weds--- Dave and Emily, sung by Philadelphia's own Daryl Hall! … [Read more...]

Self-Designations and Group Identity– Part Three

The second major self-designation that Paul Trebilco explores at length is the term 'believer' (whether in a noun or a verbal ['the one believing'] form). This terminology occurs some 79 times in the NT with 65 of them being the substantive verbal form, the rest adjectival form. There is no debate that this same sort of terminology can be found in Josephus, Philo, and 15 times in the LXX we find the substantive use of the verb pisteuo, but what is notable is how much more frequent this … [Read more...]

Self-Designations and Group Identity– Part Two

The technical label fictive kinship is one a person frequently encounters in sociological literature when one is talking about a group that talks to and about each other as if they were family when in fact they are not physical kin. My problem with applying this technical phrase to the 'family of faith' language we find in the NT, is that it appears to me that Paul and others really believe there is such a thing as a spiritual kinship involved for those who are a part of the body of Christ (to … [Read more...]