The Trifecta— Three Excellent Murder Mysteries


I have to confess I am a full-fledged fan of the writings of P.D. James. She could write about cricket and I would read it....and that is saying something. In fact I did recently buy on Kindle her tiny introduction to the book of Acts. Its beautiful, but too svelt, unlike her novelsP.D James' powers of description rival those of her biggest influences Jane Austen (and I would add Charles Dickens). The difference is that she writes murder mysteries, which is largely a modern genre of … [Read more...]

New Sherlock Season II— Now We’re Talking!

  The problem that the new Sherlock Holmes was unable to solve was how to be in two places at one time.  And so, like the first season we have exactly three episodes for the entire second season of Sherlock on BBC One. But what episodes they are. One about romance (a Scandal in Belgravia based on a Scandal in Bohemia and focused on Irene Adler, the true femme fatale) one about the chase for the hounds (the Baskerville Hounds), and one about a life and death struggle with the … [Read more...]

Podcast on Early Devotion to Jesus with Larry Hurtado


Here is a helpful discussion by Larry Hurtado on early devotion to Jesus and other relevant topics for the study of the NT.  Check out this podcast. … [Read more...]

I Am Second— Scott Hamilton

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Richard Bauckham on Jesus and the Eyewitnesses

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On Problem Texts in the NT

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Jesus, Canon, and Authority

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Evidence of Mutilation and Deterioration— Mk. 16.


Take a close look at the two Greek manuscripts in this post. What I want you to concentrate on is the lower right hand corner of each of these pieces of papyri. What you should notice is the fraying, deterioration, and disappearance of this part of the manuscript. Contrast this with the left hand margin of these two papyri which are in tact. This pattern is regularly apparent to the observant student of Greek papyri. Why? Because in antiquity as in the 20th century with VHS tapes, people … [Read more...]

E. Stanley Jones Devotional Resource


E Stanley Jones was a giant when it comes to missionary work in India, but less well in our day are his wonderful writings as well which are Biblically challenging and spiritually rich. Some of you will know that it was in fact Jone's biography of Gandhi that so influenced Martin Luther King Jr. in his decision to pursue a non-violent approach to the civil rights movement.In this post I simply want to commend one recently re-edited and republished devotional work entitled The Word Became … [Read more...]