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Hurtado on Keener on Acts

Keener on Acts of the Apostles by larryhurtadoOf the making of commentaries on biblical writings, there is much, increasingly so (it seems) in recent decades, often in various series, each with its own intended focus, readership, and approach. One of the most prolific writers of commentaries is Craig Keener, with hefty tomes on the Gospel of Matthew (1999), the Gospel of John (2 vols, 2003), and now the first of a 4-volume commentary on Acts of the Apostles: Acts: An Exegetical … [Read more...]

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Quote of the Day

While describing the difference between Catholic and Calvinist soteriology, Peter Kreeft has said: "It is the Godfather, not God the Father, who makes you an offer you can't refuse."Kudos to Matt O'Reilly for finding this quote. … [Read more...]

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The New Edition of Nestle-Aland Greek NT

Nestle-Aland 28 Has Appeared by larryhurtadoLast Friday I gratefully received a copy of the 28th edition of the Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Graecae. For the moment, other pressing duties (including writing a slew of reference letters for former PhD students) prevent me from much more than a quick persusal of the Introduction. But anytime there is a new Nestle-Aland, it's news for NT scholars (and especially textual-critic geeks such me). So, for now, a brief notice of some of the … [Read more...]

Lady Liberty Dodges Sandy

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