Memo to the Computer Generation— Your Parents Were B.C. (Before Computers)


~~~~~~~ To Those of Us  Born 1925 - 1970 :At the end of this email is a quote of the … [Read more...]

More Images from Turkey

Turkey2011 281

There are many spectacular sights to see in Turkey, as its natural beauty is off the chart, but its museums are quite good as well. There are about 100 public and a 100 private museums in Turkey, and I have barely scratched the surface.    The mountains and waterfalls and flowers are hard to beat. … [Read more...]

Aaron Copeland's A Lincoln Portrait— a 4th of July Treat

Here is my favorite 4th of July music, by one of America's greatest 20th century composers---  Aaron Copeland. … [Read more...]

Humilitas— Part Two


The literature on leadership issues, both within and outside of Christian circles is vast.  Indeed, the subject has been overdone and over-worked at this point.  Early in this second chapter John Dickson gives us a description of leadership--- "the art of inspiring others in a team to contribute their best toward a goal." (p. 33).   He is certainly right that it is an art, not an exact science as is always the case when you are working with other human beings.   One has to be flexible and even in … [Read more...]

Images of Turkey– Part Two

Turkey2011 105

In this post we have panoramic shots from Ani,  Ararat, and from the area of the Pasha's Palace near Ararat as well.   Notice the crosses on the walls of Ani  and the detailed Armenian inscription over the door of one of the churches at Ani. … [Read more...]

The New Philippians Commentary


(This commentary is now available for pre-order from Amazon, and on the market in the early Fall)Sometimes when you come to the end of something, it’s a relief,  like finishing a marathon.  Sometimes it’s a joy.  And sometimes it’s  sad.   I must confess to having all these feelings in regard to writing my last New Testament commentary, this one a full-dress socio-rhetorical commentary on Philippians.  After twenty-five years writing commentaries on each NT book it is hard to believe I am don … [Read more...]

Images of Turkey— Part One

Turkey2011 001

Here is a selection of images from Gobeckli Tepe I the first four)  the Urfa museum (including the oldest statue of a man from about 9,800 B.C. from the Urfa area)  images of 'eye gods'  (from which the God's eye idea may have come),  a picture of the beehive residences in Abraham's Haran,  then four pictures from beautiful Istanbul including the Galata Tower, and the Fenerbache championship flag flying there. … [Read more...]

Humilitas—- John Dickson's Reflections— Part One— Get Low!

Let me say from the outset,  I like John Dickson's work. He is one of my favorite Aussie Christian writers, and his  Christ Files DVD and guide book are great.  Here we will be reviewing however his latest little salvo on humility--- just out in May 2011.  Weighing in at 208 pages and with pictures no less, it is an easy read, on a complex and compelling subject.    John begins the book with typical humor saying he thought of entitling the book 'Humility and How I Achieved it'  and relates the ta … [Read more...]

More on Secret Mark


Here is a recent post of my friend and NT colleague Larry Hurtado on his blog--- in regard to the continual kerfuffle about Secret Mark, my view is--- it's a forgery.  BW3------------In a posting a few days ago on this site, I commented on the recent conference on "Secret Mark," observing that from reports not much seems to have changed on any side.  I then  reiterated some observations of my own, which are independent of (and were published originally prior to) the current co … [Read more...]