The Story of Jesus is Coming!


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Corinthian Leather has Arrived!


The 4th Art West archaeological thriller, and the one with most advanced kudos is now ready for your purchase. And you can get it at a big discount. Here is the link....... more expensively at Amazon. … [Read more...]

Sherlock II is Coming (No not Robert Downey Jr.)

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Seven Principles for the Seventh


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Books and Scrolls in the World of Jesus


One of the most interesting things about books and scrolls in Jesus' world is where we find them. One might expect to find them in the ruins of houses, or under the Temple Mount. Where we most often find them is in hiding places, chiefly in caves, and more caves. and more caves. Books were highly prized in the world of Jesus, they were the things you took with you to wherever you sought refuge from invaders, or oppressors of various sorts. A standard roll of papyrus in mid-first century A.D. … [Read more...]

Was Jesus Illiterate? Part Three


That Jesus spoke Aramaic most of the time very few dispute any more. The Gospels are clear enough on this--- here is a short list of Aramaic words found on his lips--- abba,eloi,eloi sabachthanai, ephphatha, kephas,messias,qorban,rabbuni,talitha qumi,amen, Gehenna, mamonas, pascha, raka,sabbaton,satana,saton, and we could go on. We have not mentioned personal names Jesus used which have the Aramaic 'bar' (son) in them like Simon bar Jonah. Generally speaking we see the decrease of Aramaic in … [Read more...]

Reading and Writing in Jesus’ World— Was he an Illiterate Peasant? Part Two


It is a too little known fact that Greek speakers were everywhere to be found in the world of Jesus. For example, take the coastal towns in Israel---Gaza, Azotus,Ascalon,Joppa, Dor. All of these cities were largely populated by Greek speakers, including Greek speaking Jews. Herod settled his foreign veterans in the town of Gaba northeast of Mt. Carmel and rebuilt Strato's Tower on the coast. Samaria, the town, became a Greek city when Alexander settled some of his mustered out Macedonian … [Read more...]

Reading and Writing in Herodian Israel– Was Jesus an Illiterate Peasant? Part One


There is an awful lot of loose talk, and pontificating on the basis of loose talk when it comes to the issue of Jesus' social level, and his ability to read or write or whether he could have been multi-lingual. Sometimes the discussion is even based on irrelevant data--- for example the fact that Galilee was not inhabited by scads of Gentiles (see Mark Chancey's fine monograph on how Gentile was Galilee). The ethnic makeup of Galilee is frankly irrelevant to the issue of whether Greek was used … [Read more...]