Lady Liberty Dodges Sandy

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Blessing of the Day— the Westminster Choir sings “O Love that Will not Let me Go’ … [Read more...]

A New Review of a Week in the Life of Corinth

Here is the link to a new review of my A Week in the Life of Corinth--- review includes the kudo--- "this is the best in historical fiction" … [Read more...]

The Rest of Life…. a Book for You!

“A Kingdom Perspective on Sabbath, Play, Sex — and the Rest of Life” by Ben Witherington IIIBen Witherington III is Amos Professor of New Testament for Doctoral Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary and a member of the doctoral faculty at St. Andrews University in Scotland.In this post, he introduces us to the newest (and final) book in his “Kingdom perspectives” series — The Rest of Life.* * *I have now written a series of books that I call “Kingdom perspective books.” Th … [Read more...]

What’s All the Racket?— The Racketeer

I've read a lot of John Grisham novels. In fact, I think I've read them all. Some are whimsical, some are deadly serious, some are somewhat in between. The Racketeer (352 fast turning pages/!3 bucks on Kindle) is one of the best, and it is somewhat reminiscent of a classic Redford and Newman movie--- the Sting. The premise, at first seems simple enough, lawyer in jail for crime he did not commit devises a scheme to get out Scot free. But in fact this story has more twists and turns than Route … [Read more...]

Adrian Warnock on What is a Christian?

Here are links to two stimulating posts by Adrian Warnock on What is a Christian, and What is an Evangelical? See what you think. … [Read more...]

Self-Designations and Group Identity– Part Seven

It will come as some surprise to many that the term 'Christian' or in this case 'christianos' in the Greek, is found exactly three times in the NT, no more, and no less. Paul does not use the term at all, he rather speaks of those who are 'in Christ', which has a different sense than 'christianos'. The former tells you where they are, the latter tells you who they are the adherents of. The three NT occurrences are two in Acts (11.25-26; 26.28), and one in 1 Peter 4.16. That's all folks. … [Read more...]

The Life of Pi—- Gets a 3.14 rating

Films involving India and Indians have been all the rage of late, since at least Slum Dog Millionaire. In the Life of Pi, we have another such film, which has a profoundly religious subtext and subtexture. Pi Patel (short for Piscine--- a boy named after a French swimming pool) is a boy who grows up in a zoo and botanical garden in India. Pi is bright, and deeply religious.... and he samples different religions like a football player at a steak buffet table. He likes them all, even says … [Read more...]

Bockmuehl on St. Peter

Bockmuehl’s New Book on Peterby larryhurtadoAs you'll note from the announcements about the conference on the Apostle Peter to be held here in New College 4-6 July 2013, one of the featured speakers is Professor Markus Bockmuehl (Oxford University). Indicative of his expertise in matters concerning Peter is his latest book: Simon Peter in Scripture and Memory: The New Testament Apostle in the Early Church (Baker Academic Press, 2012). As I wrote after reading the proofs several m … [Read more...]