The Fifth Estate– Plumber Needed

Probably there are few in the world who have not heard about Wiki-Leaks and its steady stream of information supplied directly to the public about all kinds of legerdemain, lies, plots, ploys, violence, violations and you name it by nations great and small, rulers legitimate and illegitimate, bankers honest and corrupt. There is an irony of course to calling one’s organization wiki-leaks, when one is leaking enormous state and trade and business secrets. More like wiki-tidal waves. The new movie… Read more

The Bible’s Deep History— by Phillip Jenkins

Here’s an interesting post by my fellow Patheos blogger, Philip Jenkins. See what you think. BW3 THE BIBLE’S DEEP HISTORY October 18, 2013 By Philip Jenkins I have been spending a lot of time recently with the apocryphal texts of the Old Testament, the pseudepigrapha. This material can become obsessive! Through much of Christian history, the relationship between Old and New Testaments was very different from how most would imagine it today. Modern believers certainly see foretastes or prophecies of… Read more

Jehoash Tablet Released, Golan Partially Vindicated

It only took ten years and a zillion shekels, but finally the IAA has been told to take their marbles and go home, and oh yes, and to give back Oded Golan’s marble as well. It remains to be seen what will happen to Golan’s claim to the James ossuary, but this is a partial victory for his claims. Here is a portion of the article by Matthew Kalman about the surprising outcome. See what you think BW3. By Matthew… Read more

N.T. Wright’s Pauline Perspectives— Part Four

The question of ‘Paul and Empire’ has come up suddenly these last twenty years; in the late 1980s almost nobody was thinking about it, and now it’s all over the place — in more ways than one. That is, lots of people are writing about it and there is no consensus! That is to be expected. But there are two quite different things going on which get confused. On the one hand, there is the serious historical attempt, in line… Read more

Theological Books Online– The Princeton Collection

The Princeton Theological Seminary Library has recently made available online full texts of some 80,000 volumes, so of which, one would presume, are now out-of-print works, but still valuable for certain research purposes. Still there are plenty of resources here of value. Key point— you need to have the critical judgment to know which is a valuable resource, and which is merely an old book. Read more

‘Captain Phillips’ and his Pirate Days

Let’s be clear from the outset. If your vision of pirates is the Pirates of Penzance or Peter Pan and Captain Hook, or for that matter that good Kentucky boy Johnny Depp, then you have a totally romanticized, and wrong vision of pirates. Pirates, ranging from Blackbeard off the coast of North Carolina to the Somalia pirates in the movie Captain Phillips are nothing like that. They are not swashbucklers– whatever that may be. They are often ruthless, heartless, cut… Read more

N.T. Wright’s Pauline Perspectives–Part Three

BEN: One of your earliest important works was entitled The Climax of the Covenant. On the surface at least, this book seems rather different than your later work when it comes to ‘the New Perspective on Paul’, particularly on the issue of the so-called boundary defining things in early Judaism– circumcision, sabbath keeping, food laws. What was it that did or didn’t convince you about the arguments of Jimmy Dunn and others that when Paul refers to ‘works of the… Read more

Why I’m Not a Calvinist

 Read more

The Sermons of John Wesley– A New Edition

For over a century there have been proper critical editions of the works of Luther and Calvin. But it has only been in the last fifty years that we have begun to have a proper critical and annotated edition of the works of John Wesley. It it thus not entirely a surprise that what was available when I was young when it came to Wesley’s Standard Sermons were actually reprints of nineteenth editions of his works. Now that we do… Read more

N.T. Wright’s Pauline Perspectives– Part Two

BEN: Another major theme in several of these essays is justification, a subject which you have written a full book on, reviewed on this blog some years ago. Here I would like to ask— How has your mind changed over the years, or stayed the same, on this subject, if it has? If there is a constant thread for you in your thinking through this issue over thirty-five years what is it? Can you summarize for us how your view… Read more

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