Good Grief: Soundings, Part One

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GOOD GRIEF -- WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? Having recently gone through the devastating experience of having our beautiful 32-year-old daughter die, completely unexpectedly, of a pulmonary embolism, I was determined from Day One (January 11, when she was found dead in her home in Durham, N.C.) to be open to whatever positive thing there might be to glean from this.  I cling by my fingernails to the promise of Romans 8:28 that "God works all things together for good for those who love … [Read more...]

Presentation on the Historical Jesus … [Read more...]

History according to ‘Those Cable Channels’


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And Now we Know the Rest of the Story about the Mayan Calendar


Well that explains a few things. … [Read more...]

Tinker,Tailor,Soldier Spy—Two Versions

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It is a tricky thing to take an enormously popular novel, first turn it into an enormously popular British mini-series with Sir Alec Guinness no less playing George Smiley the hero, and then try to do a whole new take on it with a whole different set of actors 30 years later on the silver screen. On top of that, the movie tries to do in 2 hours and a bit what the mini-series did in six parts of 50 some minutes each. And I am here to say that both are successful. What are the pluses and … [Read more...]

Eulogy for Christy Ann Witherington

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(Here is the eulogy delivered by Bill Arnold for Christy (written by Ben and Ann) on Wednesday morning at the 11 a.m. worship service at First Methodist Church Lexington.EULOGY FOR CHRISTY ANN WITHERINGTONChristy was born in the shadow of Durham Cathedral in northern England on August 14, 1979 and died January 11, 2012 in Durham, North Carolina.Christy loved her British roots. Her summer term in England studying Shakespeare at Stratford-on-Avon with Ben’s English P … [Read more...]

Every Picture Tells a Story Part Two


I can see right through you--- Statues on the coast of FranceFamily photo-- Just lying around.Talk about a traffic jam! 260 km long in China.Computer Game Store floor in Paris....which is not really uneven.Flower power carHaus Rizzi in Germany. Who was the colorblind house painter?Cliffs on the Lena river in RussiaBanpo Bridge, Seoul KoreaThe boundary between rich and poor in the Favelas in Rio (think Fast and Furious Five). … [Read more...]

Every Picture Tells a Story Part One

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Thor's Well Cape Perpetua OregonEmerald Lake Tongariro National Park New ZealandRestaurant on the east coast of Zanzibar (gives new meaning to drinks on the rocks)Desert with Scorpion Weed flowering once in several years.Balloons over CapadocciaDubai skyscrapers in the cloudsDubai skyscraper (think Mission Impossible)Trees growing in the forest near Gryphino Poland.The border between the Netherlands and Belgium-- only a coffee … [Read more...]

Review of ‘God of the Living’–Walter Brueggemann


------ Feldmeier and Spieckermann have produced for us a magnificent study that is surely to become the bench-mark and reference point for our on-going work in biblical theology. It is an enormously ambitious undertaking, as they themselves acknowledge that the mastery of both testaments in a common study requires more than one scholar; the mass and complexity of the material is surely beyond the scope and capacity of any single scholar. The format of the work is a brilliant and comprehensive … [Read more...]