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A New(ish) Journal  (Post by Larry Hurtado)larryhurtado | September 10, 2011 at 8:48 am | Tags: Important publications, NT Studies | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: the recent British NT Conference, the publishers, Mohr Siebeck kindly gave each of us a sample copy of their new journal, Early Christianity (edited by J. Frey, C. . Rothchild, J. Schroeter, F. Watson), which commenced publication in 2010.  The sample issue, vol. 1, part 3 (2010) has a focus on … [Read more...]

Miles Davis—- Another Game Changer


Miles Dewey Davis is, of course, a jazz legend. Without question he is the most influential trumpet player of his entire era, even including figures like Satcho (louis Armstrong) or Dizzy Gillespie.   And when he joined forces with such premiere talents as Bill Evans and John Coltrane and Cannonball Adderley and Herbie Hancock and John Scofield (and we could go on and on), his circle of influence only widened and still today is being continually felt and demonstrated in the works of artists as d … [Read more...]

The Clarion Call to Watered Down Evangelicalism


President Timothy Tennent gave the following address at our September Convocation  at Asbury this month.  In my view, it hits on a lot of crucial points that need to be addressed going forward (Reprinted with permission)Our Mission to "theologically educate"byTimothy C. Tennent, Ph.DFall Convocation, 2011In his 1937 landmark book, The Kingdom of God in America, Richard Niebuhr memorably described the message of Protestant liberalism as "A God without wrath brought men without … [Read more...]

The British vs. the American PhD Process

The UK PhD: Structure and Pressures larryhurtado | September 10, 2011 at 1:46 pm | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: days ago I promised to engage questions about how it is that examiners of PhD theses in NT/Christian Origins can report the sort of incidents mentioned to me (which I hope are exceptional) where a student is obviously lacking in basic language tools.  Those considering PhD studies and fellow academics as well may find the following of … [Read more...]

Rob Bell is Leaving Mars Hill


Rob Bell is leaving Mars Hill for 'broader' forms of ministry. We will find out in due course what that means. Here is the link to the CT article announcing this.... … [Read more...]

The Story of Jesus— to Air at the SBL

SOJ 1sheet David Suchet

I am pleased to announce that Tom Wright and I will be hosting an evening with this remarkable high def  show on Jesus at 7 p.m. Sunday night in San Francisco at the SBL meeting with full discussion afterwards. A good time will be had by all.   Ya'll come. … [Read more...]

Flusser's Jesus— A Review Article

What follows here is a review I did for JAOS (the Journal of the American Oriental Society) which was recently published.    Enjoy.The Sage from Galilee: Rediscovering Jesus’ Genius. By David Flusser and R. Steven Notley. Grand Rapids: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2007. Pp. xix + 191, illus. $20 (paper).When in 1968 David Flusser first published a book in German on the historical Jesus, it is fair to say that he could not have imagined where this effort would lead. One of the first … [Read more...]

The Lead Codices Hoax Exposed

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Avoidance— A Christian Problem


I was sitting in the dentist office, waiting to have my teeth cleaned when I notice a sign sitting on the lower shelf of the divan across from my chair. It had a picture of a man who looked frightened, trying to look away from something.  It had this saying---'Those whose lives are ruled by fear ironically avoid  what is necessary to remove it.'I thought, 'boy is that a Christian problem--- avoidance.'Perhaps it is because we have been taught to 'be nice', to 'play fair',  to 'get al … [Read more...]