Martin Freeman as Bilbo

It’s been all quiet on the The Hobbit front for the past few weeks, as breaks in production has caused for minimal updates to report.  We expect another video blog from Peter Jackson to be released within the next month or so, which are always a treat for Hobbit fans.A writer for the LA Times was able to share a car ride with Jackson while at Comic Con.  He had some great things to share about his thoughts on Bilbo Baggins as well as Martin Freeman playing that role.  He is what he had … [Read more...]

'Rebels and Traitors'— Another Uncivil War

In view of the fact that American readers of a long novel are an endangered species these days (this one clocks in at 742 densely packed pages), it may seem to my readers that reviewing this book is an exercise in futility rather than fertilty. I assure you however, this novel is well worth your time, even though, in my case I spent the whole summer reading it a little at a time.  Some books are like eating marzipan--- you only can consume a little of it at a time, but it is worth the … [Read more...]

Paul Did Not Teach "Stay in Slavery"

UPDATED: I've embedded the PDF for Professor Bartchy's paper in a PDF viewer below.The following is an important study, making very clear that lexicons are not always reliable guides to the meaning of Greek words, and that Paul's teaching on slavery is in fact less conventional by Greco-Roman standards than is often thought,  and finally that Luther's theology of vocation, and the subsequent development of that theology by later Lutheran scholars is based on a misunderstanding of the use … [Read more...]

The Pretenders and the Contenders– NT Studies Doctoral Students


Here is a recent post of Larry Hurtado which I entirely agree with. One of the reasons I wrote 'Is There a Doctor in the House' was precisely this problem. Not knowing the languages.Tools of the Trade larryhurtado | September 4, 2011 At the annual British New Testament Conference (held this year in Nottingham), along with some interesting papers and a plenary-session dialogue on "The Veneration of Jesus in Early Christianity and the First Commandment" involving Prof. J.D.G. Dunn and me, … [Read more...]

BBC Funny Talking Animals– Part Four

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BBC Funny Talking Animals— Part Three

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BBC Funny Animals— Part Two

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Tom Wright's 'Kingdom New Testament'

I am very pleased to present the following interview, as a harbinger of the publication of N.T. Wright's new book,  The Kingdom New Testament, (Harper One) a fine, fresh translation of the New Testament into contemporary English.  I took the picture of Tom in his study at Bishop Auckland Palace writing away several years ago.---------1) What prompted you to do a fresh translation of the NT?It came about because of the 'Everyone' commentaries (published by SPCK and WJKP and now complete w … [Read more...]

BBC's Talking Animals Part One

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