The Lightfoot Bookplate– Mo Better Now

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New Profile at AFTE

Here below is a little interview with me about being one of the first John Wesley Fellows. See what you think (BW3). The picture immediately below is of Dr. Warren Smith (Duke) and Dr. Joel Lemon (Candler) at a recent John Wesley Fellows meeting which I attended. Ben Witherington III A New Testament scholar influencing the cultureBen Witherington Witherington, a professor at Asbury Theological Seminary who has written more than 40 books, conducts seminars to combat Biblical illiteracy and is… Read more

The Problem with Preaching— Part One

‘Preaching’,it’s what makes so much of the Protestant world go around. It’s what many people go to church to hear— not the singing, not the jingling of coins in the plate, not the appeals of the Sunday school class, or the peals of the church bells, but preaching. This is in some ways odd, as the NT say very little about preaching to the choir, or the already converted. Of all the many sermons in Acts, all but one of… Read more

Learning from Fallacies

Here’s another fine post by my friend Larry Hurtado. See what you think. BW3 by larryhurtado Last week (29-31 August) featured the 2013 British New Testament Conference (in St. Andrews), always a combination of scholarly papers (of varying persuasiveness), catching up with long-time colleagues, and meeting bright and energetic postgrad students from various universities. The BNTC was founded through the leadership efforts of J.D.G. Dunn and (the late) Graham Stanton, in discussions commencing in 1978, the first BNTC held in… Read more

Lightfoot Quotes for a Sunday

“…there was a peculiar fitness in the time that was selected for the revelation of Messiah to his people. But can we venture a step beyond, and say that we see in the popular mind of the day the germ of a natural development of the Christian scheme? The voice of prophecy had been silent for four centuries, but it was felt to be as the death-like stillness that precedes the hurricane. Hence, men with busy whisperings were anxiously looking… Read more

Performance of Texts— Models

Here is a helpful post by my friend and colleague Larry Hurtado. See what you think BW3 by larryhurtado At a recent conference there was a paper presented in which there was repeated reference to the “performance” of passages from the Gospels in early Christian gatherings. Indeed, the presenter posited that this likely involved acting out passages, such as the narrative parables of Jesus. In recent years there have been a number of similar claims, and the word “performance” seems… Read more

What Does the Bible Say About Other Religions?

OR Here is an excellent conversation starter on the stated topic in the heading above by my friend Dr. James Howell, senior minister at my home UM church in Charlotte N.C. There’s a lot here I agree with, and some I don’t, but regardless its an excellent way to begin to discuss this topic. Check out this link BW3 Read more

Lightfoot is Coming

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Visualizing Paul’s Corinth— Part Three

Here is a small map showing Corinth, the isthmus, and the two seaports east (Cenchreae) and west (Laecheum) which served Corinth. The modern day canal through the Isthmus did not exist in Paul’s day—- While the canal was begun to be dug in Nero’s day, in fact it was not completed prior to Napoleon’s day! In Paul’s day little ships were placed on carriers and dragged across the two miles of the isthmus on a road called the diolkos. One… Read more

Visualizing Paul’s Corinth– Part Two

Very little was left of Corinth when the Romans leveled in the 2nd century B.C., except the ancient temple of Apollo, seen here… There were however in Paul’s day shops like the one which can be seen here… And as the previous post showed, a major theater and an odeon as well to keep the folks entertained. Out in front of the theater was found an inscription stone. This one… Notice the inscription is in Latin and reads ‘Erastus for… Read more

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