A Heavenly Tale

A famous atheistic philosopher died and was sent directly to the assize, the last judgment. To his astonishment he appeared before his august divine Judge, and was asked one simple question---"What excuse do you have for not believing in me???"In a small quavering voice he replied "But Lord, you did not provide enough evidence!"There was a dramatic pause.... and then the Almighty replied..."Didn't you see the black and white billboard on the highway near your house which … [Read more...]

Ken Collins’ Power, Politics, and the Fragmentation of Evangelicalism

My colleague Ken Collins has written a first rate, very stimulating book about Evangelicals and politics. In one sense, it is a history of Evangelicalism from the Scopes Trial to the present, showing the various ways Evangelicals have tried, both successfully and unsuccessfully in politics. In another sense, what it is is a calling all Evangelicals above the fray of partisan politics to a recognition that the Gospel is bigger than particular visions of social justice, economic justice etc. I … [Read more...]


BREATHLESSAir expelled, Expected to return… Fleeting, fleeing Into the atmosphereCrystaline cloud In January Yet disappearing quickly, Gone where? Does air dissipate in air?‘And God breathed Into the earth creature Adam And he quickened’Into life Into lies Into living a lie His death knell Takes your breath away….Breath/wind/ spirit It’s all the same in Hebrew/Greek All invisible Indivisible Essential Quintessential.Breathing is involuntary Until we brea … [Read more...]

It’s Not Easy Being Green—- Green Theology

On the heels of his important book entitled The Bible and Ecology we now have a collection of essays by Richard Bauckham entitled Living with Other Creatures. Green Exegesis and Theology almost all of which have already appeared in journals over the last few years (with the exception of the opening and closing reflections of Richard in this book). The essays are diverse, dealing with both OT and NT texts and the basic thesis is simple--- while we have a vertical relationship with God (hence a … [Read more...]

A Dog Gone Graveyard

Many of you will be familiar with the now famous 'cave canem' (beware of the dog) mosaic found at the house of the Poet at Pompeii. Wealthy persons in the Greco-Roman world often had pet dogs, and we now have a new grave stele inscription to show just how beloved such animals were in antiquity amongst the socially elite. The inscription can be found in New Docs Vol. 10 (pp. 126-35) and reading "...after playing games with Stephanos, they were crying for him, having suddenly wasted away to … [Read more...]

Ship of Fools— World Party

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_BoAXopS54&playnext=1&list=AL94UKMTqg-9AUasWpJ2YhGMqX6_vHAmkj'Avarice and greed can't give you what you need, you may buy today, but you will pay tomorrow....take a ride on the ship of fools' … [Read more...]

Calling all Angels— Ancient Syncretistic Inscriptions

One of the things most notable to the student of Biblical literature is the vast increase in the interest in the demonic and the angelic during the inter-testamental and NT eras compared to what we find in the OT itself. But it was not just Jews or Christians who were naming and calling on angels. Pagans did this as well. J.R. Harrison presents us in New Documents Illustrating Early Christianity Vol. 10 with an interesting inscription found on a gem stone, dating to perhaps 150 or so A.D. The … [Read more...]

Paul, Ephesos, and the ‘grace of Augustus’

Another of the very helpful entries in New Docs. Vol. 10 involves and inscription from Ephesos/Ephesus and its explanation and implications spelled out by J.R. Harrison, one of the new editors of the series along with Stephen Llewelyn. The inscription is from about 22 B.C. and is found in both Latin and Greek. The Greek reads "By Caesar Augustus' grace (xapiti) from the sacred revenues which he himself freely gave to the goddess [Diana/Artemis] a road was laid under the proconsul Sextus … [Read more...]

An Invitation to the NT– Textbook Resources Rolled Out!

I am very pleased to announce that the online resources (tests, answers, a variety of online extra resources) are now available at the Oxford U. Press website for teachers who have adopted this text as a textbook, and they are excellent, saving teachers a lot of hard work. There are also lots of study questions and the like there as well. You can contact the OUP representative at (800) 280-0280 if/when you need access to the supplements. Here is a link to the book’s page ( … [Read more...]