More from the Paul Film a Polite Bribe

This film will be shown in Lexington Kentucky on Thursday night October 11th at the Regal Cinema (Hamburg Place) at 7 p.m. I and the producer Robert Orlando will be doing a Q+A afterwards. Ya'll Come. … [Read more...]

The Long Journey of a Christian Pacifist

It has been said that ‘life is strange, and then you die’. There is some truth to that aphorism. I am 60 now and I've seen a lot of life. Some of the strangeness comes from one’s individual life experiences. Consider my childhood. I grew up in High Point N.C. playing Civil War soldiers with my Jewish girl friends down the street. I read books about the Civil War (ranging from Classics Illustrated to Bruce Catton, when I got older). I went through the Pictorial History of the Confederacy m … [Read more...]

A Polite Bribe— Was Paul into Money Laundering?

This film will be shown in Lexington on Thursday October 11th, and will be followed by a Q+A time with the producer Robert Orlando and myself. It is tenatively scheduled for the Movie Tavern theater just off Richmond Road at 7 p.m. If this changes I will do an update, but you may assume this is correct. BW3 … [Read more...]

Mitt Romney at Liberty University on ‘our faiths’

In the wake of the interesting Village Green Forum in Christianity Today's September issue in which all three participants (Stephen Mansfield, Mollie Zieglar-Hemingway and Richard Mouw) stressed that there is nothing wrong at all with a Christian voting for a Mormon for President (though they also counseled that it's always a matter of choosing one imperfect candidate over another imperfect candidate) they also went on to add the following reminders-- Mansfield: "In the 2012 election voting for … [Read more...]

Phenomenal Phenomenology

Phenomenology is the study of how things appear, not necessarily how they are. On any given day on earth, the sun appears to set on the horizon, often in spectacular fashion. In fact of course, what is happening is the earth is rotating on its axis. What makes the sunset spectacular in some cases is pollution, dust or soot clouds more evident at the horizon make the sunsets more red or orange, and of course there is the further illusion that the sun gets bigger or closer to us at the horizon. … [Read more...]

The Hatfields and McCoys– a Kentucky Story

Pikeville is a long way from Lexington, hard on the West Virginia border near the Big Sandy (and the Tug) River. Most everyone in America at one time or another has heard of the phrase 'like the Hatfields and the McCoys' as a euphemism for an ongoing, festering family feud, or have even used the phrase 'the real McCoy', not knowing where it probably came from. Well the McCoys were from the Kentucky side of the river, not so the Hatfields so we are talking about an inter-state squabble, which … [Read more...]

In the Loop—- Looper

There haven't been many sci-fi thrillers of late to write home about. O.K. Super 8 was not terrible, but that was a while ago. Nothing as rich or stark or dark as Blade Runner has shown up in a long time. We seem to prefer cuddly aliens or angst ridden ones that deserve our empathy, these days. Looper however is a different kind of film. A time travel film, a back from the future film.The basic premise of this one hour and 58 minute R rated film (brief and partial female nudity, … [Read more...]

What Historical Jesus Research Sometimes Seems like— the Beatles rediscovered 1,000 years from Now

A History Channel Documentary from the Future: Beatles 3000 -- powered by … [Read more...]

Why Larry Wayne Jones Jr. is Going to Cooperstown as Well as the Playoffs (one last time)

Two big things happened for me in 1995-- I moved to Lexington Ky. and Chipper Jones became the everyday All Star third baseman for the Braves. I have watched his whole career, and there is a reason he's a first ballot Hall of Famer. In an age of juiced players, Chipper always did it the right way, the hard way.The following is Jayson Stark's wonderful summary of what Chipper has achieved as an offensive star. Hardly anyone has been more clutch than him in the last 18 years. It's been a … [Read more...]