Pauline Amnesia

(the following is a helpful post by Larry Hurtado) Scholarly Amnesia on Paul larryhurtado | September 21, 2011 at 12:02 pm | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: Unintentionally having created a controversy that (in the words of one blogger) went "viral", with what I presumed was the modest contention that those seeking a PhD in NT/Christian Origins should be able to read the Greek NT, and should also be able to engage at least scholarship in English, German and French, I … [Read more...]

The Jewishness of Jesus

A Very Jewish Jesus by larryhurtadoFurther to my previous posting concerning Sean Freyne's excellent review of scholarship on first-century Galilee, I highlight here another of the valuable articles in the sample issue of the new journal, Early Christianity (vol. 1, 2010, issue 3):  Roland Deines (Professor of NT in Nottingham University), "Jesus and teh Jewish Traditions of His Time" (pp. 344-71).Deines has previous important contributions of his own to the topic of his ess … [Read more...]

Nomina Sacra in Early Christian Manuscripts


Students of the Greek New Testament are sometimes alarmed to discover that while their Nestle-Aland Greek Text, or their UBS Greek text is quite readable, when one actually looks at photos of ancient manuscripts, even the best student has great trouble reading them!   Why? The reasons are twofold: 1) scriptum continuum is used, a continuous flow of Greek letters without separation of words, and  2) the use of abbreviations for nomina sacra,  abbreviations for sacred names and terms.Here a few … [Read more...]

Moneyball– The Game’s Up


Brad Pitt is an interesting person in many respects. Having spent some time in and around Springfield Mo. the inside skinny about his youth is he was a regular guy. Played ball, chewed tobacco, enjoyed the ladies. A regular guy. No one saw Hollywood stardom coming. In this respect, Brad Pitt is much like the Oakland As as steered by Captain Billy, aka Billy Beane.I have read the book 'Moneyball' and found it fascinating. I think the philosophy that undergirds Beane's approach is … [Read more...]

French Works on Prayer

My doctoral students are frequently asking---- "but what French theological and exegetical works are worth reading and using?"   I usually point them first to the classic works of great scholars like  C. Spicq, or Feuillet, or Rigaux to mention but three, and of course there are many of my contemporaries in the SNTS who I can commend highly, such as the work of Daniel Marguerat which I value highly.  My friend Larry Hurtado has a recent post which is quite helpful in pointing us to French sou … [Read more...]

Sean Freyne on Jesus and Galilee

Jesus of Galilee larryhurtado | September 23, 2011 at 1:14 pm | Tags: Historical Context, Important publications | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: the following are Hurtado's observations).Several days ago I mentioned perusing a sample copy of a newish journal, Early Christianity (published by Mohr Siebeck, Tubingen), and indicated that I'd provide some futher comment on the contents.The issue in question (vol. 1, issue 3, 2010) includes a w … [Read more...]

Just ‘Drive’— the Movie


It was a rainy day.  I went for a drive.  Ended up at 'Drive' the movie.  For an hour and forty minutes I was in L.A. in a world I have no desire to ever live in.  But like a voyeur, I found it a fascinating movie world to look in on, even if I was glimpsing it in my rear view mirror, because frankly it did not make me want to live in the 'City of Angels' (which is what L.A. means).   If those are angels, they are avenging angels, and I want no part of them.  Those are the kinds of angels that Ju … [Read more...]

More on the Hobitt Movie

Things continue to move forward with Hobbit production.  Peter Jackson has been spotted in a variety of New Zealand locations scouting new filming spots.After completing the extremely successful television series LOST, Evangeline Lilly is excited to spend time in New Zealand with Jackson and crew to film The Hobbit.  She spoke a lot about the movie in a recent interview.  She said, “I will be in and out of New Zealand for the course of a year. It worked out well,” Lilly recently reveal … [Read more...]

The Dunn-Hurtado Dialogue on Jesus Devotion


The Dunn/Hurtado Dialogue on Jesus-Veneration larryhurtado | September 19, 2011 at 12:01 pm | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: following are my friend Larry Hurtado's own reflections on the dialogue)At the annual British New Testament Conference (1-3 September, Nottingham), one of the sessions was a dialogue with my long-time friend, Prof. Jimmy Dunn on "The Veneration of Jesus and the First Commandment."  Dunn and I have been in dialogue on this subject … [Read more...]