Jack Sasson— An Old Friend, a Good Scholar, a Remarkable Story

Here is a wonderful story about someone I have known and admired for more than 50 years. He taught Hebrew and related subjects at Carolina while I was there between 1970-74. Later our paths crossed at Vanderbilt when I adjuncted there. His life story is an inspiration. The following is an excerpt from the Vanderbilt Register story.Syrian-born divinity professor discovers America as the land of opportunitySensing growing hostilities toward Jews, Professor Jack Sasson and his … [Read more...]

Take a Load Off—- The Rest of Life

For some time now I have been working on a series of bite sized books on Kingdom or eschatological perspectives on mundane or ordinary life. There is one on the Kingdom itself (Imminent Domain--Eerdmans), one on worship (We Have Seen his Glory--Eerdmans), one on work (Work-- Eerdmans), one on money (Jesus and Money-- Brazos Press), one on spiritual formation (The Shared Christian Life-- Abingdon), and finally now one on 'the Rest of Life'--Rest, Play, Eating, Studying, Relating (including … [Read more...]

A New Website on the Historical Jesus

There is a new historical Jesus website set up by some of Larry Hurtado's young proteges--- Dr. Anthony LeDonne and Professor Chris Keith. Here is the link so you can check it out.http://historicaljesusresearch.blogspot.co.uk/ … [Read more...]

Quote of the Day from Mark Twain

"What Sir, would the people of the world be without woman?""They would be scarce sir. Almighty scarce."---- Mark Twain … [Read more...]

A Reading List on Textual Criticism

Courtesy of Larry Hurtado, here is a link to a list of valuable sources on Biblical textual criticism......A few have asked about a suggested reading list to learn about NT textual criticism. Tommy Wasserman has produced one that merits attentionhttp://evangelicaltextualcriticism.blogspot.se/2012/09/top-ten-essential-works-in-new.html … [Read more...]

BWIII on the Earliest Gospel

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The Hobbit— Eight Weeks and Counting

Though long a mystery as to the secret of Hobbit longevity, the truth is now made plain for all to see. Old Hobbits die hard... because they carry magical swords :) … [Read more...]

David Barton vs. People for the American Way on the Religious Foundations of America

Watch these two videos, and see what you think. … [Read more...]

A Guide to Proper Blog Comment Posting

Since not all comments on blogs are either appropriate or solid gold, Larry Hurtado weighs in with his list of dictums..... See what you think. ---- Postings, Comments, and Productive Discussion: Some Groundrulesby larryhurtadoWhen I mentioned to a few fellow scholars who were themselves experienced bloggers a couple of years ago that I was planning on launching a blog site, one of the strongly given pieces of advice was "Don't allow comments!" I chose otherwise, however, as my … [Read more...]