Religious Art from the Speed Gallery at Singletary

The Speed Art Museum of Louisville boasts a very fine collection of European religious, landscape, and portrait art. Some of the collection has been loaned to Singletary Art Museum in the Singletary Center at U.K. here in Lexington, and my Mom and I went to peruse the exhibit, and came away impressed.Above, for example is a very fine portrait of St. Jerome at his writing desk. This rendering was done by Hendrick von Somer, a Flemish painter, and it probably dates to about 1651. von Somer … [Read more...]

Doors Open— A Different Kind of Rankin

What does one do for an encore when one has been a best-selling crime novelist, with novels translated into 22 languages? Answer---- change the point of view. The novel 'Doors Open' does not involve John Rebus, though it does involve one of his colleagues--- Detective Ransome. But this novel is not seen through the eyes of the detective, the story unfolds through the mind and point of view of Mike McKenzie... a computer software millionaire who is bored out of his gourd and trying to figure … [Read more...]

The Well Assured Results of Scholarship?—- Not So Much

Not infrequently you will hear scholars talk about the 'well assured results of critical scholarship'. Any time you hear that phrase you should pay very close attention to what follows it, and the claims that are being made. For example, some scholars have argued that we have no real evidence of literacy or more specifically of Hebrew literacy from as early as the time of King David (10 century B.C.). I think we do have such evidence, for example, from the scepter pomegranate discussed in … [Read more...]

Roma Aeterna— the Wait is Over!

I am very pleased to announce that the Fifth (of seven) Art West novels is now available via Amazon, it will also be available very soon on Kindle. If you want to order it directly and at a cheaper price usually than Amazon check out the Wipf and Stock website here is the link---- It's on sale for $20 just now at that locale.This particular novel deals with a crucial, and viable, historical question. What if … [Read more...]

Violence in the OT— Part Two

More on violence in the OT. … [Read more...]

Violence in the OT— Part One

My colleague Lawson Stone has two excellent posts on violence in the OT. See what you think. … [Read more...]

Invitation to the NT— the Reviews Start Rolling In

Here is Dr. Nijay Gupta's review of my NT Introduction for Oxford....Witherington’s Invitation to the New Testament (Review)July 19, 2013 9:58 am /Recent months and years have seen the production of some fine introductions to the New Testament (Powell, Boring, Hagner). Perhaps one that did not make it on the radar of many folks is Ben Witherington’s Oxford University Press textbook entitled Invitation to the New Testament: First Things (2013).I think this text is aptly tit … [Read more...]

Irish Diplomacy

The following saying was found on an Irish coffee mug----"Diplomacy is the art of telling a person they are going to hell in such a fashion that they look forward to the journey." … [Read more...]

Monsters University— A Diploma in Scary

It is axiomatic that monsters are supposed to be scary. They are not supposed to be cute, cuddly, adorable, and the like. But now the truth can be revealed. Monsters are not inherently scary--- they have to go to college to become scary! Who knew!! In the long awaited sequel to Monsters Inc. Disney Pixar has once again given us a children's tale that adults can enjoy as well, especially if the adults were never 'in with the in crowd' when they went to college.By now the formula for … [Read more...]