Here we Go Again— Karen King Unveils ‘Jesus’ Wife’

I enjoy fairy tales as much as the next person (see the picture on the right), and some of the best fictional early Christian stories from the late second through the early fourth century are Gnostic fairy tales. It would appear that someone has found a fragment of such a tale and handed it to Harvard Professor Karen King. Here is the link to the NY times article----- My caution would be as … [Read more...]

Margaret Mitchell’s Paul, The Corinthians, and the Birth of Hermeneutics Part Three

Towards the end of Margaret Mitchells book (at the beginning of what was her final lecture), Margaret cites a person who has been her regular dialogue partner in this book--- Gregory of Nyssa. Here is what he says (cited on page 95):"One could collect from the rest of the prophetic corpus countless examples in addition to these of the necessity of the 'theoria'[i.e. contemplative]-reading that accords with the sense of the words. If the 'theoria' is rejected however, as pleases some people, … [Read more...]

Francis Watson— ‘The Jesus Wife Papyrus is a Rerun’

Here is a link to Francis Watson's detailed analysis of the so called Jesus' wife papyrus. In the main he attempts to show that it is simply an expansion of sayings from the Gospel of Thomas, and is likely a forgery. Here is the link to Mark Goodacre's connection to the essay. … [Read more...]

Margaret Mitchell’s Paul, the Corinthians, and the Birth of Hermeneutics– Part Twos

Whatever else one might want to say, Margaret Mitchell (no not the one from Atlanta who wrote Gone with the Wind) can really write. Ruminate on the following paragraph (found on p. 5 of her recent monograph):"Though he denies his power as a wordsmith, Paul does later from a distance claim metaphorical distinction as a 'wise master-builder'...Without the self-effacement he used earlier, in ch. 3, when comparing himself with Apollos (and perhaps Cephas), Paul is adamant that he was their … [Read more...]

Margaret Mitchell’s Paul, the Corinthians and the Birth of Christian Hermeneutics

Some books are rather like coal mines. There's lots of stuff but its dirty, and yes it can be used as fuel for the fire (not to be confused with grist for the mill) and occasionally, though rarely you will find a diamond worth keeping forever.... but it's rare.On the other hand there are books that are like gold mines--- you have to labor hard with them, but what you extract is pure gold, always gold. Margaret Mitchell's new book is one of the latter. Don't let the slender size of the … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart on the Jesus’ Wife Papyrus

The Daily Show with Jon StewartGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on FacebookN.B. Jon Stewart is a Jewish comedian. … [Read more...]

Trouble with the Curve

While Clint Eastwood needs to stay away from weak and rude political satire at political conventions, he certainly shouldn't quit his day job. I must admit I was predisposed to like this movie because: 1) it's a baseball movie and I'm a baseball kinda guy; 2) it's filmed in and the story involves the North Carolina mountains and the Atlanta Braves; and 3) I like Amy Adams as a maturing young actress and Clint gets to play his grumpy old man routine once more, very effectively. Justin … [Read more...]

BW3 on Jesus’ Wife? … [Read more...]

N.T. Wright at Asbury (1999) Part Three

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