God Don’t Never Change— Ashley Cleveland

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Cumberbatch Slithers In— Next Christmas


Not much has been said about one of the most famous Hobbit characters, Smaug. Benedict Cumberbatch has the tall task of doing both the motion capture and voice of Smaug. In a recent interview, he talked about his upcoming task. He said,”Preparation for something like that is quite unique. I think it will be partly to go with going back to the book, but I sort of want to look at real life serpents and creatures of that ilk, dragons,” Cumberbatch said. “He’s a reptile, obviously, so it’ … [Read more...]



Doubt’s a rust That tests our metal Eats away Day by day Until there’s nothing For us to peddle.Corrosion’s explosion Latently lurking Dims the soul And trust’s control Until there’s nothing For faith’s working.Corruption’s success Complete capitulation The mind doesn’t mind Leaving it behind Until Spirit grieved Leaves in frustration.Doubtless doubt Can be voidable But once entertained It begins to reign Until a perfect storm Dark clouds unavoi … [Read more...]

Elijah Woods on the Hobbit


As we get closer to heading into 2012, the buzz of The Hobbit hitting the big screens is growing like a wild fire. Of course we know many of the readers of this site have been anticipating the movie for years now, but the “Hobbit Bandwagon” has definitely left the station.As a result, actors are being asked more and more about the production. E! caught up with Elijah Wood at the premiere of Happy Feet 2 and took the time to probe his mind. In answer to to the question whether The Hobbit wo … [Read more...]

Top Five Carolina Songs of the Folk-Rock Era


1) Carolina in my Mind--- James Taylor2) Carolina---- England Dan and John Ford Coley3) Carolina Day-- Livingston Taylor4) Carolina in the Pines---- Michael Murphy5) Carolina Rain--- Carolina Rain … [Read more...]

A Rock in a Weary Land

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The Dedication of the Witherington Collection


On a gloriously sunny day in Charlotte, Dec. 2nd, the library I have built for over forty years, was dedicated at the Gordon-Conwell Charlotte campus in south Charlotte. The picture above is of course a NASA picture showing where in the world the light is visible from space. As it happened, I was preaching on John 1---'the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it', so it was a singular providence that this picture had been left up on the screen on the chapel platform … [Read more...]

A Review of the New NIV


Here is a very helpful and detailed review of the new NIV by Rod Decker....http://thegospelcoalition.org/themelios/article/an_evaluation_of_the_2011_edition_of_the_new_international_version. … [Read more...]

The Miracles of Christmas


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