Star Wars— Going Rogue you have a sequel to the prequels that has as its sequel the original three Star Wars movies (plus last year's installment), things can get confusing fast, especially if you are not literate in 'Star Wars' sagas. And sure enough, this movie, which consists at the outset with all new characters, not to mention a flurry of new planets and moons is confusing, even for those with whom the Force is strong. You might need Yoda to sort it out, or at … [Read more...]

A Living Prayer—- Alison Krauss … [Read more...]

In Christ Alone— Alison Krauss … [Read more...]

Wexford Carol— Alison Krauss and Yo Yo Ma … [Read more...]

Some Children See Him— James Taylor … [Read more...]

In the Bleak Midwinter— Dan Fogelberg … [Read more...]

A Sermon on Suffering— by CKB

“THE MARKS OF JESUS”—GALATIANS 6.17 [Preached thirty-four times from S.H.M. on 6/27/43 to 11/17/02 at Wheatley Hill]But they had troubled him enough in the past. They had well-nigh broken his heart. Just where Galatia was, and when Paul went there are questions about which some of us get more heated than we should, and to which none of us certainly know the answers. But we do know, for St. Paul tells us so, that when he first went there he was a sick man, in a revolting state, through so … [Read more...]

Are You Pastoring Corinthians?– Pastor Alert from CKB.

The Corinthians proved to be the most trying kind of people—pupils who were confident they knew more than their teacher, children that were convinced they were better than their parents. Christians certain that they had left their apostle far behind. They had constructed their own religion for themselves, their own wisdom, their own spirituality, had brought them to the Kingdom, while Paul was still stuck fast in the mud. They knew it all, they had it all, they could do it all. It is an a … [Read more...]

Living ‘As if Not’ (1 Cor. 7)—- CKB

The time is limited. It is later than you think. If the passing stream of time exerts this kind of pressure on the individual, it exerts it also on the Church. How long will our opportunities last? How long, for example, shall we enjoy the favored position we have in British society? You cannot take it for granted; and if the Church is not prepared and equipped spiritually, mentally, materially to act now, tomorrow if may be too late. But I must hurry back to the main thread of what I am … [Read more...]