I take it as given that the Founding Fathers thought it was fine for private citizens to have rifles for hunting and pistols as well (including in some cases for dueling). But there is some nuancing to what they thought about this matter that few if any guns advocates seem to have paid attention to. One of the big problems of gun advocates is they frequently take the Founding Fathers remarks out of context, which the following evidence will demonstrate…. Read more

I am very very sad to report that Billy Graham has passed away in his 100th year of life. Here is a a nice testimony from last Fall. And here is a report from today. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2018/02/21/billy-graham-americas-pastor-has-died/858017001/ Thanks to friend James for both of these links. Billy Graham grew up not far from where I lived in Charlotte. His partner in ministry, Leighton Ford, was and is a good friend of mine. I doubt we will see another evangelist like him… Read more

As Fredricksen says, Abraham was seen as the true convert to Biblical religion by both Philo and later the rabbis (p. 105). And indeed he was since previously he had worshipped the gods of Ur. Conversion amounted to leaving those idols behind. It can be no accident then that Paul sees Abraham as the prototypical model of what his own converts have done— trusted the genuine God and it being counted as righteousness (Gal.3 and Rom. 4). But if Abraham… Read more

Yes, it is true that Paul’s polemic in Galatians is aimed at the Judaizers, but he is also very critical of Peter and even Barnabas, two fellow Jewish Christ followers, for hypocrisy, for ‘living like a Gentile’ which can only mean not living fully in accord with Jewish law, and yielding under pressure to do so. The Pauline Gospel involved an inherent critique of early Judaism for the majority of Jews not recognizing their own Messiah, and for failing to… Read more

Having reflected on the various comments posted on my original and second blog post about the killing of students at Parkland High recently, certain things should be added. I was heartened to see the response of the high school students themselves demanding change in the gun laws in Florida. Maybe the millennials can force our recalcitrant politicians to take actions. To the naysayers who insist this will not make any difference, I will say you are very wrong. Take for… Read more

The chapter on Paul and the Law is both interesting and strange (pp. 95-130), it is interesting because it deals in some detail with what Paul says about the Law (emphasizing texts like when Paul says in Rom. 3.31 that he does not overthrow the law, he upholds it, and rejecting Barclay’s detailed argument in Paul and the Gift that since the Christ event the Mosaic covenant was like a defunct currency). Amazingly, she wants to argue that the whole… Read more

Another of the remarkable, and likely untenable, arguments in this book is the contention that in Galatians, when Paul refers to persecution for not preaching circumcision, and also that the Judaizers were fearful of persecution for not preaching circumcision that the reference must be to Roman or other pagan authorities doing the persecuting (see p. 91). But Paul says that the circumcision party is the one that came from Jerusalem and is part of that church of God. Surely, they… Read more

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were real innovators when it came to comic books. The Black Panther showed up for the first time in 1966 in an issue of the Fantastic Four, well before DC or other comic book lines were even considering risking such a character. I remember— I bought that issue of FF. Now of course we have this whole ever increasing line of movies from Marvel, with major actors lining up to play parts. Finally, the technology… Read more

As for Paul the persecutor (see Acts 7 and 8.1 and 9.1) she theorizes that Paul was practicing the 39 lashes, rather than urging stoning, despite what Acts says. This however not only flies in the face of Acts, it also flies in the face of 1 Cor. 15.9– I persecuted ‘the church of God’. Who is that? He does not say the synagogue, or even Jewish followers of Jesus in the synagogue, he says ‘the church of God’ which… Read more

Before Parkland High in Florida, there was all this—— 2018 2 killed in Kentucky high school shooting 2017 2 killed in New Mexico high school shooting 2017 1 killed in Washington high school shooting 2017 2 killed in CA elementary school shooting 2016 1 killed in SC elementary school shooting 2014 4 killed in Washington high school shooting 2014 1 killed in Oregon high school shooting 2013 1 killed in Colorado high school shooting 2013 1 killed in Nevada middle… Read more

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