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For the record, I’m left handed, which also means the right side of my brain is dominant, which may explain my abilities with music and languages. On the down side, right brain dominant left handed people are more prone to certain negative things, such as alcoholism. Left-handed people only make up 10% of the population but they make up a disproportionate amount of musical geniuses and other creative geniuses as well— for example, Mozart, Beethoven, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Einstein I… Read more

Here is a new title by my friends and colleagues Ken Collins and Jerry Walls. Look for a review of this on this blog sometime in January and February. Here is the Amazon description and link. This book offers a clearly written, informative, and fair critique of Roman Catholicism in defense of the catholic faith. Two leading evangelical thinkers in church history and philosophy summarize the major points of contention between Protestants and Catholics, honestly acknowledging real differences while conveying… Read more

Christmas season is upon us, which among other things recently, means so are the new Stars Wars movies. The signs that the movie theaters think that this is the most colossal blockbuster that ever busted a block (with a light sabre of course) is that they started showing the film, not only at 8 of their theaters in one building here in Lexington, but starting at nine in the morning. On a week day! While the kids are still in… Read more

Back at the dawn of time, by which I mean B.C. Before Computer, in the mid-70s I took apologetics at Gordon-Conwell Seminary in S. Hamilton Mass. The instructor was R.C. Sproul. It was an excellent course, as Sproul was known as an ‘evidentialist’ as opposed to a ‘presuppositionalist’ of the mold of C. Van Til. He was full of enthusiasm and good and challenging ideas. It prompted me to purchase a bunch of his Ligoner Valley Study Center cassettes, on… Read more

“The Real Jesus”in National Geographic by larryhurtado I noticed when making a hurried visit to a local supermarket last evening that (just in time for Christmas) the current issue of National Geographic (Dec 2017) has its cover story: “The Real Jesus.” “Mythicists” will be disappointed, as the author (Kristin Romey) dismisses the option in one paragraph. She writes: “Might it be possible that Jesus Christ never even existed, that the whole stained glass story is pure invention? It’s an assertion… Read more

“Mythical Jesus”: The Fatal Flaws by larryhurtado My lengthy posting in which I explained why the “mythical Jesus” claim has no traction among scholars (here) dre1)w (predictably) an attempt to refute it from the “Vridar” blogsite. I don’t think it succeeds, but readers will have to judge for themselves. I’ll content myself with underscoring a few things that remain established from my posting. I focused on three claims that Richard Carrier posits as corroborating his hypothesis that “Jesus” was originally… Read more

Some people have the theory, ‘if some is good, more is better’ and this notion has affected, or perhaps infected, the comic book movie universe— the X Men, the Avengers, and from the DC universe the Justice League. It has to be said that for the most part, the previous DC movies on the whole, have not measured up to the best of the Marvel movies, and indeed they have even produced some dogs— namely Batman vs. Superman. Nobody but… Read more

The “mythical Jesus” view doesn’t have any traction among the overwhelming number of scholars. Read more

It’s not every day that you have a Disney movie, or any movie about Dias Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, much less a movie mostly set in the land of the dead, which raises all sorts of questions about the after life. What few will know is that this theology of the afterlife goes back to pagan antiquity, and was brought over into the Christian religion by Gentiles. This whole early history of such ideas is helpfully chronicled… Read more

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