Great Evangelists: Helen Barrett Montgomery

In the early twentieth century Helen Barrett Montgomery was the face of Woman’s American Baptist Foreign Mission Society where she served from 1914–1924 as president. During that time, she became one of the most prominent spokes people for global missions in the Church.  Part of her work to further missions involved a publication of the book in 1920 called The Bible and Missions which was published by  The Central Committee on the United Society of Foreign Mission. This book constitutes one of the best examples of her perspective on the theology of missions, which she was among the first to articulate.

The following quote comes from that book. I thought it was great and would share it with you:

“I am asked, ‘Do you believe in foreign missions? I answer, Do you believe in the gospel of Christ?’ For be assured of this, if foreign missions, when considered in the large, are a failure, the gospel is a failure. If Jesus Christ has no message for the man in Shanghai that is worth giving my life, if need be, to get it to him, he has no message for the man in London that I need bother about. He is either the Savior of the whole world or he is no man’s Savior.”

What do you think of this quote?

More on Ms. Montgomery soon…

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