St Gregory of Nazianzus on the limits of the Human mind

On God and Man: The Theological Poetry of st Gregory of Nazianzus (St. Vladimir&squot;s Seminary Press "Popular Patristics" Series.) (St. Vladimir&squot;s Seminary Press "Popular Patristics" Series.)Today’s quote from the Church fathers is from St Gregory of Nazianzus. I have been reading a bit of him latly, and think he may show up a few more times. Great stuff!

He has a great deal to say about prayer life, and the nature of Christ.

Here is a quote about the limits of our minds, our wisdom, and our knowledge:

No man has yet breathed all the air; no mind has yet contained or language embraced God’s substance in its fullness. No, we use facts connected with him to outline qualities that correspond with him, collecting a faint and feeble mental image from various quarters. 

Our noblest theologian is not one who has discovered the whole – our earthly shackles do not permit us the whole – but one whose mental image is by comparison fuller, who has gathered in his mind a richer picture, outline, or whatever we call it, of the truth.

From On God and Christ 

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