Last week I was invited to speak at the disciple’s night with my friends at ID 916.  It was a really positive experience for me. I met a lot of great young folks who were very much alive in their faith and seeking after Jesus. My talk was about joining Jesus in his mission. I connected 5 practices and prayers to the “five senses.” This is a tool I have found very helpful in my own walk and life and… Read more

Earlier this year I had a chance to spend a couple days with my friends at the “Coming Home Network” down in Ohio. If you’re not familiar with the organization, they try to offer support to people who are struggling with joining the Catholic Church. They focus primarily on pastors. They were a support to me when I was thinking about leaving protestant ministry and becoming Catholic. I often re-read the hand-written cards I got in the mail during this… Read more

This past Saturday was the beatification of Fr. Solanus Casey. He is now only one step away from being recognized as a Saint by the Catholic Church. Fr. Solanus has been a major inspiration in my life in so many ways. He started out as a simple door keeper at St. Bonaventure’s monastery in Detroit. As the great depression hit many began to knock at the monastery’s back door desperate for food. He couldn’t turn people away. At first he’s share a… Read more

I sat down with Ralph Martin recently to talk about my faith journey. If you don’t know Ralph, he’s been a voice for renewal in the Church for the past 50 years. I thought the conversation we had was productive. Below is a video of the conversation if you’re interested in it. It was part of his EWTN program called “The Choices We Face.” I’d love to hear your own thoughts on the conversation. Take time to comment below. Thank… Read more

I recently gave a talk on how being thankful can become a powerful practice to bring the light of God into every area of our life. In it I highlight that thankfulness is like a powerful light that cuts through the darkness in the world and highlights the good that God has created in every person and place and is working in every person and place to demonstrate His love. I hope this season we can all practice and share… Read more

I once heard it said that Chess is the only form of art in which composition and performance are combined in a single action. This is also true of life. Each decision we make is improvisation, and composition. Each has the potential for great beauty. Like chess, the beautiful is often seen in sacrifice and the surprise. Unlike chess however, victory is not in conquest but in our captivity to a greater love. To find ourselves checkmated by grace. Read more

It was Thursday a couple weeks ago. We were out in the Garden at Cultivate for harvest.  We do this a couple times a week. We invite community members to come out and help us pick the ripe plants that we then donate to local food pantries. Sometimes I just look around the shop and see who I can recruit.  This time I invited a couple kids who were on their iPads waiting for their dad to finish a meeting…. Read more

Rage is deceptive seeing vengeance as a cure for the pain within It casts blame blindly it finds the weakest victim the lazy coward hurt can not heal hurt it opens the wound again clinging to the pain I wrote these verses this morning because I am still reeling from yesterday. I’m trying to keep the rage at bay. It’s hard. But I’m recognizing it was rage that got us here in the first place. People who raged at the… Read more

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about living a three-dimensional gospel. What this means is that we have a Christian life that is: Upward focused (We are passionate in our relationship with God) Inward focused (We are radical in our commitment to one another as a community) Outward focused (purposeful in joining God in word and deed to a world in need) One of the biggest challenges of living as a Christian Community is keeping the outward focus strong. We… Read more

We are often told to count our blessings. I think it’s a great practice. It helps us keep our eyes open for locations of grace in our lives. Unfortunately it’s not something I’ve been recording something I am thankful for everyday for a month or so. I thought I’d share the list with you and invite you to share your own blessings. I’ve been trying to write a few of these down every day. Here’s the most recent entries: *…. Read more

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