Which Medieval Religious Order do you fit in?

One of the great parts of being a Catholic is the variety of spiritual approaches to the Christian life we are able to draw from through our shared herritage of religious orders. I've often wondered which order I fit into best. This is why I love this little quiz.  I got cistercian, which was a surprise since I have always thought of myself as more of a Jesuit. Let me know what you get! … [Read more...]

A simple prayer

Father,We turn to you, turning all our life to you We turn away from all that is not given to you. We turn over all we have recived from you. We turn our hearts, our minds, our days, and all our ways to your grace.We remember the past with faith you are making all things new. We look to the future with hope in your unfailing promises. We walk today with love for we walk with you.Grant, to us, lord the grace we need. Grant faith that conquers despair Grant peace that conquers … [Read more...]

Cultivate: Helping the Hungry with Craft Beer and Coffee

Things have been really quite here on my blog the last couple months. The reason for this is because I've been launching a new cafe and tap-house. Hopefully regular posts will start flowing soon. Until then I'd love it if you took a look at what we were doing. My friend Kathy wrote up a great profile on the project at Aleteia. You can read it now here. Here's an excerpt: Billy Kangas, Cultivate‘s director of coffee and cause, described the new venture, listing three principles upon which C … [Read more...]

“Lesser” issues like the death penalty and the arms race are necessary

Last week was powerful for me. The Pope's visit helped to stoke my passion for the gospel and renewed the sense of urgency that I feel about working to address many of the issues of injustice we are facing. I can think of few times I felt more proud of my Catholic faith then listening to the Pope address congress. I was brought to tears by his message. He spoke with conviction and boldness but also with an openness to others that has become, for me, a target to hit in my own conversations. … [Read more...]

Colbert reveals how faith has kept him grateful in new GQ profile

I have been a longtime fan of Stephen Colbert. He's helped me to laugh through many of the most difficult and frustrating times of our nation's history over the past 15 years or so (first on the Daily Show, and later in his own political comedy satire). Now Colbert is about to take the reins of the Late Show. I think he'll do a great job.As the new show's launch approaches Colbert was profiled this week by GQ. The profile touches on a lot of Colbert own journey to where he is today. It's a c … [Read more...]

Burger King enters into trademark dispute with 1200-year-old Gospel text

This week my wife almost bought me a tie. She's visiting Ireland with my kids and her mom and they went to see the Book of Kells which is a beautiful illuminated Latin text of the Gospels. It's 1200 years old and very cool. I was jealous. On their way out they stopped in the gift shop and found that the whole store seemed to be devoted to me. At least at first blush.My initials "BK" are the same as the venerable book's and they have put "BK" on all sorts of merchandise. How cool!My wife f … [Read more...]

How Pope Francis has changed Vatican diplomacy

This week I was fascinated with the National Geographic look at the pontificate of Francis so far. They give a glimpse at how Francis is working within and without the traditional structures of the Vatican. It's worth a read. One thing I found fascinating was the summary of how Francis differs from Benedict in matter of diplomacy. It was offered by Federico Lombardi, the longtime Vatican communications official. Here's an excerpt from the article: After meeting with a world leader, the former po … [Read more...]

Free Photo Fridays: Food and Life

This week I continue my Friday Photo Series: Free Photo Fridays I post a few of my pictures from the week so that you can use them. They are free to use or even edit. There is no need to attribute or link back. Take and use as you please. If you like what you see I have started posting some of my other pictures here.   This Week's Photos:   … [Read more...]

Why The Sacraments Kept Me Christian

I will never forget the night my journey to understand the sacraments began. It was 1999 and I was meeting with a small with my Lutheran church. I had recently had a strong personal encounter with Jesus Christ and had begun going to meetings in the Church with a passion and fire to learn and share about Jesus.Then the leader, Byron, said something unexpected. He stated that we received the grace of God in the sacraments. This shocked and offended me. I was a good Lutheran and I knew that … [Read more...]