There is a deep awareness that exists within us. We may not experience this awareness, which I call Buddha nature, but it’s always there. It’s a space within us that is empty and spacious. It is possible for us to tune in to this awareness.

In Vipassana practice we can come to the point where we notice the world without coloring it with our perspective and our baggage, where we just see things as they are. The purpose of our practice is to experience reality as it really is.

Vipassana is intended to be a complete experience, one that goes beyond mindfulness and meditation practice. Our awareness expands and opens. We can bring ourselves to a more open state of awareness, and a more open state of being. In this way, we can become more open to life. We can include everything in our field of awareness and see things as they really are.

Through our practice we can come to realize how much of the world we’ve missed because of not paying attention. With dedicated meditation practice we can see a world that’s brightened by the sunlight of awareness.

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