A Meditation Group That Meets In The Cloud

Back in 2015 someone from the Open Heart Project reached out to me to ask me if I was interested in being a teacher through the  Daily Dharma Gathering service. I had no idea what any of that was.

Her name was Janet and she had been following my writing for over a year before reaching out to me. So, I’ve been teaching with the Open Heart Project for two years and it’s been a wonderful experience.

What is it?

The Open Heart Project is the largest virtual mindfulness community in the world. It was created by Susan Piver so that people could have a chance to practice from a distance over the internet. It’s a great community with an abundance of material, but I don’t want to go into all of it here. I’m mainly interested in talking about my contribution.

Daily Dharma Gathering is a platform that allows a dharma talk + instruction with a teacher every day. 7pm weeknights, if you’re in the Central Time Zone like me. People can watch the teaching live and even ask questions, or they can watch it at any time before the next teaching goes up.

So, it’s an opportunity to receive lots of teachings all the time, to constantly have the Dharma coming at you digitally. Once a week, those teachings come from me.

And there’s some diversity too. If you like Shambhala teachers, there are some of those. If you like Zen teachers, there are some of those. If you like more traditional Vajrayana teachers, there are some of those too.

I’ve given teachings on Lojong practices (which I’ve also written about here), and also things like what to do when we’re having trouble with distractions, or how to have confidence in ourselves on the path. Recently I’ve been going section by section through the Buddhist text “Faith in Mind” (which I’ve also written about here).

In all honesty, I think I’ve learned more from giving these teachings than I’ve learned from any other source.

If you’re interested in joining a virtual sangha, you can click here:

Open Heart Project


 Daniel Scharpenburg is a meditation instructor and dharma teacher in Kansas City. He regularly gives teachings through the Open Heart Project, the largest virtual mindfulness community in the world. Find out more about Daniel on his website and connect with him on Facebook.


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