Practicing Enlightenment

We practice Enlightenment when we sit on the cushion. Every time we sit and do what the Buddha did, we are engaging with the goal.
That’s why Dogen said, “Practice itself is Enlightenment”.
When we understand that and really engage the present moment, we can’t be pulled around by the myriad things that distract us so easily. We can be a little more stable, standing on solid ground. This is called illumination.
If we can really open our hearts and minds, our vision can become pure, focused, and real. With the insights we gain in our practice, we can learn how to respond and deal with whatever happens with clarity instead of confusion. We can respond instead of simply reacting.
And if we can change how we look at the world, then we can change the world.
If we can cultivate this clarity and see our delusions fall away, then we are Enlightened.
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