Living Life Well, for 40 Years and Counting!

When Jonathan Frederick Will was born on May 4, 1972 (his dad’s 31st birthday) people with Down syndrome were expected to live only about 20 years. In fact, the first question the doctor asked was whether they even wanted to take him home from the hospital.

Last week, however, Jon turned 40 years old!

Read this column about a life with Downs Syndrome being well lived, from the perspective of his loving father, George Will.

  • Megan M

    Great story Bristol…my cousin Michael was born with DS and he died at the age of 33 from a heart attack – he would get very stressed out and anxious when having to go somewhere and one day it was just too much for his heart. Now he’s at peace in heaven.

  • otlset

    Good for George Will! Another prominent conservative has chosen to accept God’s gift rather than rejecting it based on human standards of ‘perfection’, and has thus realized over time a very special love in his and his family’s life that he could never have forseen at the time. God’s gifts are sometimes not appreciated at first for what they really are, and can sometimes be considered as misfortune at first. God does work in mysterious ways beyond the ken of human reason, space and time.

  • Joseph

    That’s an awesome story, Bristol! Happy Birthday Jon!!! And I wish you many more happy years to come! God bless you!

  • blackbird

    At the 46:00 mark of the Governor’s speech at Faulkner University, Montgomery, Alabama – October 7 2010 – Sarah tells the story of John Mark Stallings “…that has a very special and personal meaning to me (Sarah)…”

    At the 55:12 mark “…John Mark received an honorary diploma from Dallas Christian High school and Abilene Christian University gave him their change the world award, he was made an honorary marine, he proudly represented Texas in the International Special Olympics… you see I am looking forward for this kind of stuff for my son…” You must see the video, please take a look for your self.

  • kate

    Great pic and a great story – well done. I really like your blog Miss Bristol.

  • Rachel Entzminger-Lloyd

    What a true blessing! Love it!

  • huntingmoose

    actually, life expectancy with proper medical attention is well in the 60-70′s and if medical research and progress will continue and not stifled, these numbers will likely continue to go up.

  • blueniner

    Great post Bristol. You would think George Will would be more in simpatico with your Mom with common issues, instead of being a critic of hers. For a man of elite intellegence, how can he be so wrong on a savy, wise, American Patriot, such as Sarah Palin

  • john norton

    That was a great story Bristol and look foward to many more and there wont be unless U and Your Ma take the bull by the horns,U Betcha…

  • http://Greatstory! Harry Giarratana