Tweet from Chaz Bono

Even though we disagree on issues, it’s refreshing to get along with people!  Check out this tweet from Chaz Bono!

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  • Sharon

    I am proud of you Bristol and I am proud of Chaz too!!!

  • donna

    Me too. I think you did a great job, Bristol and it was obvious that you have worked hard to improve. I am also proud of the support from Chaz. If everyone would work work as hard at caring about each other no matter our differences, it would be such a great planet to live on!!

  • SueB

    Loved watching your beautiful dance. Great job! I voted for you 28 times. I need to learn how to text, too, next time. Keep up the good work.

  • Gilly

    When is Bristol going to reciprocate and be supportive of someone she disagrees with?

  • Joseph

    Well, that was nice of Chaz!

  • http://FB Elwanda Burrell

    Bristol, you did wonderful…..I voted for you and Mark!!!

  • Luciana

    It’s still rude to suggest children are better raised by heterosexual parents…

    • politicaljules

      I think it is more rude to lie. Who cares what someone else thinks? Someone is always going to be against something, and it would be wise to teach your kids to have a thicker skin than that. Heterosexual or homosexual. Raising a kid with special needs will teach you about not sweating the small stuff, and the meaning of universal unconditional love. Ive learned a long time ago not to care what someone else thought about my parenting skills.

  • Susie

    Bristol…keep up the good work and keep on dancing! You are a beautiful young lady…your mom and dad have so much to be proud of…they done good! :)

  • trisha Holderfield


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