Where’s the Dignity, Democrats?

Can’t we have at least some dignity in our politics?

The people at the Democratic National Convention are handing out free condoms — you won’t believe the warning on them!!

Also seen at the DNC?  One button which reads “Once You Vote Black, You Never Go Back” and another which reads, “Sluts Vote.”

Do people actually wonder why Democrats have problems attracting Christian voters?

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  • Mary g.

    I hate the way you always generalize people on the left. It’s so annoying.

    • Jennifer

      People on the left generalize people like me on the right all. …. day….long….. I’ve got no time to repeat the litany of things I and my fellow Right Wing compatriots are guilty of, just because someone ‘told’ you that’s how we are. You want this to stop? Take a good, hard, long look at your fellow Left Wing compatriots. Look at the message they send out and WHY they do it: To divide America. I don’t know you, Mary and I would not even start generalizing your life, but if it’s so annoying to you, then stop doing it yourself.

      • Gilly

        Are you kidding Jennifer! You actually think the Left is the party trying to divide America? What a joke. YOUR side uses God to divide. YOUR side uses economic disparity to divide. YOUR side uses fear to divide. My side admitted last night that we don’t do everything right, that neither side has all the answers or contains all the wisdom. My side asked for cooperation and shared commitment and sacrifice. Face it…the Republican party is the party of ME ME ME and GREED GREED GREED….all wrapped up in Jesus and the flag. People are seeing through this finally. Your charlatans. Your the kind of people Jesus would have swept off the steps of the temple.

  • CaliforniaGirl

    I would rather stand with a party that lets me make my own health choices about my body than one that doesn’t.
    Do people wonder why republicans have a hard time attracting women voters?

    • Cozette

      I am a woman who is voting for Romney. No one but you can make health choices about your body except you, until 2014 when obamacare goes into effect. Then you lose choice.

    • Jennifer

      I am a woman who is voting for Romney because Obama is forcing me to pay for contraceptives and abortion on my health insurance -even though as a Catholic, I am against it. Yes, I want to choose to be free from someone shoving artificial hormones in my system, clogging the public water system with excess Estrogen. I also want to choose that every life -from conception on- is blessed and should be given a chance to live. There’s no ‘forcing’ you to do anything except PAY FOR YOUR OWN SEXUAL LIFE! Become a mature human being and choose to be responsible for your own choices and PAY FOR THEM.

  • Dave

    These people you mention are not the majority of democrats. Do your research before you make such over generalizing statements.

  • Liz


    God Bless you, Bristol.

  • sodakhic

    Clint Eastwood really hit the nail on the head with that empty chair routine. Obama didn’t come close to the buildup slick Willie gave him. Empty and childish is more like it. Way to go DNC, celebrate abortion, contraception, nix God and Israel. The party of extremists. Hold on to your hat in Hollywood, Bristol, could be a wild couple of months.

    • Gilly

      Romney got ZERO bounce from the RNC. That pretty much says it all. Cant wait for the debates so our President can wrap this up. And I’m really looking forward to watching moderate republicans get rid of the Sarah Palin’s and the Tea Partiers and bring back some sanity to the Republican party. The extreme right needs to either go away or form their own party where they can become the fringe that everyone ignores while the grownups work on solving problems.

  • Piet

    LOL. Republicans talking about dignity is like pigs talking about hygiene (my excuses to the pigs for this analogy).

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  • http://berkerblog.blogspot.com SueB

    I find the entire convention a sad situation. Stick to your guns, Bristol. You are completely right.

  • James

    Newsflash, you know the real news, not Faux News. We don’t have problems attracting christians voters. 85 % of the country is christian and we outnumbered the republicans last election and we are going to do it again in this one. You see Bristol, if you believe in God then you have to trust that God knows what he is doing when he gives Obama the highest power in the land. God is going to give it to him again because he is on the side of right. You use his word to discriminate and judge people and he is smacking you down for it. It’s a shame you don’t see it. But no matter, right will win out again. Your snotty words and the words of your clueless mother cannot take away the pride, beauty, enthusiam and greatness that was witnessed at the DNC. Frankly, your jealousy is oozing from your pores here because your party cannot say the same. No one is voting FOR the republican nominee, they are voting against Obama. It’s great to be on the side of all people, not just those who are just like me. God is not a republican…you would do well to figure that out. I am proud that I have great people to vote for, warms my heart and I know God is on our side.

    • Heather Shirey

      I am so glad you personally asked God if he was a republican or not LOL Seriously Dems are all about abortion which is MURDER and Gay marriage which is a sin so I would be VERY shocked if God sent a message through YOU to tell everyone who he afflilates himself with. Good lord I will pray for you.

      • Gilly

        Sounds like Heather needs to be reminded what Jesus says about money in the bible. Sure modern day christians have tried to reinvent Jesus with their “prosperity” spin but truth of the matter is Jesus told us to give our money away to the poor. Jesus is ashamed of the republican party and tired of you using his name. He’s going to punish you one day for it.

      • MiddleRoader

        Adultery is a sin, too (in fact, a mortal sin, in my religion). But it’s not illegal.

    • Isabella

      Sarah Palin said God wouldn’t let the wrong Party win. And he didn’t. :-)

  • James

    Reading these comments from Bristol Palin republicans shows no more class or dignity than what Bristol was whining about. Take the stick from your own eye bristol. You’ve said worse and God knows it.