Where’s the Dignity, Democrats?

Can’t we have at least some dignity in our politics?

The people at the Democratic National Convention are handing out free condoms — you won’t believe the warning on them!!

Also seen at the DNC?  One button which reads “Once You Vote Black, You Never Go Back” and another which reads, “Sluts Vote.”

Do people actually wonder why Democrats have problems attracting Christian voters?

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  • markk

    You’re right, Bristol. These people have so little self respect, it’s what they’re reduced to. So desperate for political advantage, convinced the world is like them, that all they need to do is to mock the opposition – instead of pushing for the highest and best from all of us.

    I agree with something you’ve said before: the haters will hate, you might as well dance. Let’s add a variant: The haters will hate, you might as well live your life, earn a living, and do what you’re going to do. Living well is YOUR best revenge.

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  • Maddy

    No Bristol, you are wrong. Democrats have absolutely no problem attracting Christian voters. They also have no problem attracting Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, atheists, agnostics, gays, minorities, poor people, disabled people, veterans, the elderly, the youth, and women. What they can’t attract are hard-core, fundamentalist Christian voters. You keep your demographics, we’ll keep ours.

    • Pam

      Amen Maddy! As a Mormon Democrat, I wholeheartedly agree!

  • MiddleRoader

    Well, there are at least some Christians supporting Obama, because there were also “Sisters for Obama” buttons being sold. (sisters as in nuns).
    Also, these stickers, etc. are not official DNC items. One reason the RNC had “tamer” buttons, is that the Romney campaign barred many small vendors from selling their wares at the convention site. (so much for being pro small business)
    There’s no scarcity on either sides of tasteless (but sometimes funny) political paraphanelia.

  • Julia

    Hey Markk! Firstly, let me tell you how delighted I am to be called an “embarrassment to humanity” by an online holy roller who knows nothing of me but one paragraph I contributed to a comment section on a blog. No doubt Jesus Christ would be the first to endorse that kind of judgment. Props to you. And secondly, a little background on the word “slut.” A slut, in the original English, referred to an unkempt woman. You know the type…has runs in her stockings, doesn’t keep the laundry folded, maybe doesn’t consider homemaking to be her highest goal…this is definitely not a good thing to be, as a woman, back in 1400′s England. As time progressed, the insult married two ideas that often came in one package: a woman who engages in sex outside of marriage might also be a woman who doesn’t value being a proper wife and with that, did not value the celebrated characteristics of a good, traditional wife. So. A slut is a woman who has sex outside of marriage and might be a little sloppier than her smiling counterparts featured in every single cleaning product commercial on television. Well. Call me a slut (and I’m sure you will!) because I’m no virgin, I’ve never married and my homemaker skills are certainly lacking: good thing my slut-loving boyfriend helps make up the difference.

    • Bree Merr

      WHEW!! Don’t we just all admire you!!! Have you thot about being a researcher for someone on the left who likes you style of research? Surely many do.

  • Julia

    And in terms of who is and is not a slut, as far as young ladies go, most of us are sexually active before and/or outside of marriage: the difference is that liberal sympathizes admit it, own it and don’t think there’s a damn thing wrong with it, if you have half a brain and do it safely and because YOU want to, not because some guy wants you to. Girls on the right just fake like they don’t do it, and when they get caught, play like it wasn’t their fault and it was just a big mistake. I feel for those girls because they aren’t owning their sexuality, and therefore treat it like an offense if not accompanied by a ring and a promise. Way to give yourself a victim complex. Might even be able to sell a story like that, make a few bucks, who knows.

    • MiddleRoader

      Think you are being way too judgmental here. There are still plenty (well, maybe not plenty but some), who for religious or other reasons, choose to be celibate until marriage, and a few of them might even be liberal. Their choice to make that decision should not be denigrated.

    • Bree Merr

      so help me here. If a person admits it, own it etc. all is ok? If a bigot admits it, owns it etc. all is OK? if a pervert admits it, owns it, etc. all is ok? You sure you want to go down that road?

  • LOL

    Hey Maddy, since you are obviously a genius, tell me why so many Democrats are changing their party affiliation? Are they “hard core fundamentalists”? Or are they just “stupid”? Listen, I have personally registered hundreds of new voters from all generations, but especially shocking is the number of senior citizens abandoning the party. Why are they abandoning the party? Are you implying that voters from the Greatest Generation are crazy, hard core fundamentalist Christians? If so, then other “hard core fundamentalists” ought to take it as a compliment to share the ranks with the Greatest Generation. I’ll tell you what: when delegates deny God three times on a convention floor, that doesn’t merely affect “hard core fundamentalists.” It affects anyone with any reverence for God and our founding principles. If you want to paint the Republicans as extreme, sure, go for it. But it’s painfully obvious who the real extremists are.

  • AnnA

    Hey LOL, our founding principles include separation of Church and State. The Constitution does not even refer to God. It actually makes sense that a party’s platform does not as well. And no, that should not affect anyone who believes in God.

  • Jacinda

    Your right Bristol, I saw the same things and thought how raunchy. I’m sure some democrats don’t express themselves like that, many are not supporting their party this year. Just from reading social media I can tell you a lot of democrats are some nasty people.

    • Ralph

      Rush Limbaugh is the nasty person who introduced that term to the discussion.

  • Ralph

    OMG!!!! It is RUSH who continuously introduces “indignity” into the political discussion, he started this particular ball rolling. How could you even pretend the conservatives are “dignified”???