Great Video – Check Out Owen Groesser!


Michigan town does right by one of their own!

Eighth Grader Owen Groesser, who has Down Syndrome, sunk two three-pointers for his Rochester school basketball team in the final seconds of the season. Groesser had not played before all season, but the coach put him in to end the season on a high note.

And what a note it was! This video will warm your heart.

YouTube Preview Image

When he makes his first shot from the three-point line, the crowd goes wild. Then, after he makes his second, his teammates crowd around to congratulate him.

The video has made him a star. It was featured on ESPN’s Sportscenter as one of the show’s Top 10 Plays, after his friends campaigned on Twitter using the hashtag #GetOwnOnSportsCenter.

His three-pointers were video #1.

So great to see a community rallying behind Owen. You can really tell they love him and he loves them.

I hope kids treat Trig that well!

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