What I Wish I Knew


When I found out Mom was pregnant with a baby who would have Down syndrome, I confess.  I was scared.  I didn’t know what it would mean for his life or for ours.  Well, recently World Down Syndrome Day was celebrated, and I saw this sweet post by  Amy Julia Becker, who lists five things she wishes she had known when she learned that her daughter was born with Down syndrome.  Here are two that jumped out at me:

You think Down syndrome means tragedy, and people will compare your experience to that of losing a child in a car accident or to cancer or some other horrible fate. And though you will experience a sense of loss, you will realize eventually that you have lost a hypothetical child, and that the child right in front of you, this child, with her sparkling eyes and crooked teeth and warm soft hand, this child is a blessing. In time, because of the privilege of knowing and loving her, you will realize that your grief has turned to gratitude and that your worry has turned to wonder.


You think Down syndrome means isolation, but you will discover that it brings a world of connections. It’s not only that you will now feel a bond with other parents of children with Down syndrome throughout the country and around the globe. It’s that having a child who looks and acts somewhat different from what you expected, a child who you see as beautiful and funny and kind and smart and brave, will help you to recognize that same beauty in everyone else. You will think your world has become smaller, when it has only begun to grow.

Read the other three here.

I can say Trig is one of the best things that has ever happened to our family!  I love him so much!! He shows life in a different light, he’s just a love bug. Now that he’s been in preschool, I can tell he’s learning so much.  I love seeing him grow up. It’s like everything he does is so big now! We’re so proud of him for everything he accomplishes. He just lights up our life. I love you, brother!

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  • Thotocv

    Melory, you did not read Bristol saying she was
    ” told” about Trig having DS????? Well that how else would she have found out about it before he was born, as claimed in this blog post? Oh this should be good…….

    Sounds to me like you finally took out your dog-eared copy of Going Rogue and found the contradictory passage. Good.

  • Gene and Donna McCance

    Our family had a mentally challanged child that they raised. He was actually Donna’s cousin. Donna’s parents were raising him. After her parents passed away he went to live in a home for the mentally challanged. That was where we were first exposed to a Down Syndrome young man who was Donna’s
    cousin’s room mate. What a loving young man he was and he just lit up a room. I realized, after a while, he lived a life maybe little smaller than our own, but a good life. He worked every day, loved the Cubbies and Bears, liked a beer now and then and had a wonderful sense of humor. These Down Syndrome babies are being aborted by the thousands. Who among us has the right to say this baby lives or this baby dies? God help us.

  • melory

    Trig Truthers are the most despicable of all liberals. What you all are doing here is just another form of that. As you may have noticed I have no tolerance for your kind, but I am glad you were so kind to forgive me – so I will pretend you are a decent human being and try again:

    “Melory, you did not read Bristol saying she was” told” about Trig having DS?”
    Yep, I have not read that anywhere, have you? “How else would she have found out?” That is your assignment – think about ways people find out things!

    You use Sarah’s book as you source – now provide the evidence from the book – the burden of proof is on you – don’t be so lazy – if you want a debate – you have to provide evidence/facts – then we will gladly debate the case.

    I know you can’t wait for us to move on to more important “what did you know and when did you know it” questions like when did Obama and Holdren find out guns were sent to Mexico by Obama’s administration – that resulted in more than 200 Mexicans and and an American border agent killed.

    You also can’t wait to fact-check the President on his whereabouts during the Bengazi attack – or are you ok that he went to sleep while our Embassy was under attack?

    You care so much about facts – I know you agree it is time for Hilary to give us the facts about Bengazi:
    “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s much delayed testimony on the terrorist attacks that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty at the U.S. Mission in Benghazi, Libya was remarkably short on facts and analysis and was further clouded by Clinton’s feigned outrage at a very basic question from Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.

    Hillary ClintonWhy, Johnson asked Clinton, weren’t the survivors of the Libya attack interviewed before U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice’s now-discredited public statements on the attack were aired?

    “With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans,” Clinton told him angrily. “Whether it’s because of a protest or whether a guy out for a walk decided to go kill some Americans, what difference at this point does it make?” What difference does it make, you’re kidding me! And liberals obsessed about Bristol?

    As soon as you give us the evidence from the book you use as your source re Bristol – we can get that issue out of the way and move on to the more important issues – that Americans really care about.

    Or perhaps you don’t want us to move on to fact-checking Obama, Holder and Hillary that is why you refuse to give us the evidence from Sarah’s book?

  • melory

    Job 19:25-26

    25 “But I know that my Redeemer lives,
    that in the end he will rise on the dust;
    26 so that after my skin has been thus destroyed,
    then even without my flesh, I will see God.”
    Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

  • Thotocv

    Melory, you’re too funny. Such a willing suspension of disbelief. Here we have a clear contradiction in the Palin story and you try to pretend the proof isnt in Sarah Palin’s book or that there is some way, other than bei g to by her parents, that Bristol would have known before Trig wasbor. That he had DS. What, like sweet angels whispered it in her ear one night ? She read it in the Northern Lights as they danced across the Alaskan sky? You are easy prey for someone like Sarah Palin.

    • melory

      LOL! When you ask liberals the hard questions – they always say you are funny!

      I am trying to help you – you are a tool of the leftists – they throw out their talking points – and you just take them and run with them. A person with self-respect will at least double-check, and when challenge will have no problem to provide the proof. You are such a mind-numbed robot – you are incapable or too lazy to come up with evidence to proof your claim.

      I am so happy to find out liberals hate contradictions and lies – we have a few questions about the Contradictor-in-Chief and his Administration that Americans hope you now can explain – I can provide you with a list – but you still have to explain the ones I already asked.

      In the meantime, please explain:

      a) Why Obama told America he is a Christian and then went on ABC and refer to his “Muslim faith”.
      b) Why did he say in an interview that he visited 57 states and still had one left to visit?

      Hilary and Obama admin lied that a video caused the Bengazi attack – their lies resulted in unrest in Muslim countries that took the lives on many innocent – and all she can say is “what does it matter” and you libs are fine with it – yet you want to bully Bristol about a non-issue?

      So what does it matter what Bristol knew and when she knew it?

      Now we have already established that Palin is not a liar – character is what you do when no-one sees you – Palin was going about her business – not ever imagining that hundreds of thousands of blood-hungry liberals will went through her correspondence with a fine tooth comb! She came out clean as the wind-driven snow – as reported by liberal news outlets!

      We also have no evidence that Bristol is a liar – so you have to conclude that there is a good explanation for the “contradiction” and that there is no lying involved, based on the evidence of their past behavior.