Dear Joan Rivers, My Son’s Life is Legitimate

Joan Rivers believes “everything goes” when it comes to sex… unless there’s a chance to criticize me. Then, she suddenly claims the sexual standards of the 1950s.

I appreciate all the love and comments I’ve been getting about my time on Wife Swap – it seemed like many of you really enjoyed seeing Melissa Rivers and me switching lives! Through Twitter and Facebook, I’ve gotten some questions about the show, so I thought I’d go through a few of them.

In case you missed them:

Question Number 1: “Why didn’t you just go on Fashion Police?”

Question Number 2: “Where did you get your cool headboard?”

But by far, I was asked most of all about the moment Joan Rivers said this in an off camera interview:

“Don’t play the victim…  In my generation, Tripp would be called illegitimate.  Bristol would be called the little whore down the block.”

When I first saw this, I have to be honest…  it was pretty shocking.  Joan has criticized me and my family before.  She has called my mom a “Nazi,” “crazy,” “stupid,” and “a threat.”

She has called me an “old horse,” “stupid,” and said things about my weight.  I guess we can add “whore” to the list.  But isn’t it funny how Joan suddenly goes all 1950s when it suits her?  In her comedy routines, she mentions any sort of sexual thing to shock the audience.  But when she wants to insult me, she suddenly has the sexual standards of a “Leave it to Beaver” episode.  Anyway, I have addressed my pregnancy many times in public.  I’m thankful for a God who forgives and loves.

On Wife Swap, however, she went a step too far by attacking my son Tripp.

It’s just wrong to call a child something like “illegitimate” on national television.  Life is tough, and not everyone is born into the perfect family home life. But my son is not “illegitimate.”  He’s legitimately amazing.  I like to say, “just because a kid is born into a broken family doesn’t mean the child is broken.”

All life is precious…  And Tripp is a definitely a blessing from God.

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  • Renny

    Sure looks like all the Palin haters have shown up here. SO much attention to Bristol’s blog when they dislike the Palin’s so much. The Palin’s are living rent free in their heads. Well, there is a lot of space there.

    • Guest

      Free Entertainment.

  • Nana

    Joan Rivers is and idiot who drinks too much. Bristol, just consider the source. She’s a jealous old hag.

    • Keeponpimpin

      And Brissie is a reality show prostitute who has been pimping out her kid. I guess that’s all she can do. No education, no drive, no ambition. Her drug of choice is “stuff,” Headboards, boats, couches, clothes. Keep on pimping Brissie, that’s the only way that you can get your “drugs” right now.

      • 1MiddleRoader

        The woman is only 22 years old. Despite an unplanned pregnancy, she graduated from high school, took a few community college business courses, wrote a book (or if you wish, had a book ghost-written), apparently has some type of job (you can argue over whether it’s full or part-time), is/was a spokesperson against teen pregnancy, was on some TV shows, and blogs. So she bought a boat- big deal, I think she can afford it. Her parents live right by a lake; I imagine she lives not too far away. It’s a reasonable purchase. Maybe a 4-year college isn’t for her- good, judging by the college drop-out rate, it’s not for a lot of people who try it. I don’t care for her views and the sometimes snarky way she expresses them, but to say she has no ambition, education, etc. just isn’t true.

  • Kelsi

    She was pretty much saying that Bristol has no right to feel morally superior or whatever because she has made mistakes too and that back in her day people would have been horrible to her about her teenage pregnancy. It wasn’t like she was calling Bristol a whore herself. Jeez people pay attention.

  • John Wheeler

    Thank you, Bristol, for taking time to post your thoughts for us to see. You and your family are as normal as any family can be. Normal families, although imperfect, are bound together by love for one another. Why the haters want to embellish the truth and try to twist the facts around is beyond my understanding, but it happens. I hope your mother and father are living in as much peace, mutual respect and affection as their public image indicates. Something tells me they are.

    • melinda

      “Thank you Bristol for taking the time…..” Hahahahahahah! Sorry John, but that’s pretty funny

      • John Wheeler

        If I’d had any more to say, I would have said it the first time. This comment was intended only for normal people who know how to treat other human beings. Sorry, Melinda, that you are warped, but I’m not qualified to help you. Goodbye forever and may your life be better than you deserve.

      • John Wheeler


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  • Tonya Fulmer Wiseman

    You are an amazing young woman and mother! God Bless you, Tripp, and all of your family! (BTW- I have a 20 yr old son and a 17 yr old son; recently God blessed my husband and I with a third son, who is now 2 yrs old. And guess what? I am still learning the mother thing! Age, the number of children you have, being married, nor the level of education one has, will have any bearing on their ability to be a good mother! It’s your heart that matters!)

  • Tammy

    There is so much I could say or want to say, but I don’t think anyone want’s to read a novel as a post. However, as I believe it was Jesus who said, “Let he without sin cast the first stone.” I’m still learning my Bible but I don’t believe I’ve come to a verse where God gave mankind the right to judge. I am under the impression that is His job. I personally think Bristol comes from a great family. No, they’re not perfect and I don’t recall them ever claiming to be. She made an adult choice as a teen and chose to accept those consequences in an adult. She’s very blessed to have had the support and love of her family. I think the Palin’s were very brave for standing up for what they believe in. Knowing that being in the public eye, they would be judged harshly, because that is human nature. Bristol is a beautiful, smart young woman, and I’m sure she’s doing her very best to be a good mom. I think she’s very brave for continuing to put herself out there and to continue to stand up for what she believes in. God Bless the ENTIRE Palin family,.

  • Benjamin Thomás DuFault

    You would know more than I would, since you lived the situation, but I don’t think Joan is saying that Tripp is illegitimate. I think she’s just saying that if your situation happened 60+ years ago there would be a different stigma attached to you and your adorable son. Thankfully, those aren’t predominant anymore.

    The things she said about your mother, you, etc etc…well that’s part of her job. I’m not defending her attacking your weight, because fat-shaming/slut-shaming/any kind of shaming is an awful thing to do, but to go off on the politicians that she doesn’t agree with comes with the territory. If you put yourself in the limelight, it’s something that comes with the territory it seems.

    No matter what anybody says though, keep being who you are. You’re a fabulous woman who has admirers in all walks of life (I’m LGBT and disagree with a lot of your family’s politics, but I think you’re splendid), and you should be proud of that. Don’t let anybody keep you down.

    Although I haven’t seen the musical, I think of you when I hear the song ‘Defying Gravity’ from Wicked (Yes, the queer guy is making musical/Wizard of Oz references, stereotypes galore). Keep defying gravity darling. Love ya. <3