Dear Joan Rivers, My Son’s Life is Legitimate

Joan Rivers believes “everything goes” when it comes to sex… unless there’s a chance to criticize me. Then, she suddenly claims the sexual standards of the 1950s.

I appreciate all the love and comments I’ve been getting about my time on Wife Swap – it seemed like many of you really enjoyed seeing Melissa Rivers and me switching lives! Through Twitter and Facebook, I’ve gotten some questions about the show, so I thought I’d go through a few of them.

In case you missed them:

Question Number 1: “Why didn’t you just go on Fashion Police?”

Question Number 2: “Where did you get your cool headboard?”

But by far, I was asked most of all about the moment Joan Rivers said this in an off camera interview:

“Don’t play the victim…  In my generation, Tripp would be called illegitimate.  Bristol would be called the little whore down the block.”

When I first saw this, I have to be honest…  it was pretty shocking.  Joan has criticized me and my family before.  She has called my mom a “Nazi,” “crazy,” “stupid,” and “a threat.”

She has called me an “old horse,” “stupid,” and said things about my weight.  I guess we can add “whore” to the list.  But isn’t it funny how Joan suddenly goes all 1950s when it suits her?  In her comedy routines, she mentions any sort of sexual thing to shock the audience.  But when she wants to insult me, she suddenly has the sexual standards of a “Leave it to Beaver” episode.  Anyway, I have addressed my pregnancy many times in public.  I’m thankful for a God who forgives and loves.

On Wife Swap, however, she went a step too far by attacking my son Tripp.

It’s just wrong to call a child something like “illegitimate” on national television.  Life is tough, and not everyone is born into the perfect family home life. But my son is not “illegitimate.”  He’s legitimately amazing.  I like to say, “just because a kid is born into a broken family doesn’t mean the child is broken.”

All life is precious…  And Tripp is a definitely a blessing from God.

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  • Barb M.

    Amen, darling! God bless you and your precious son!

  • Colleen Phillips

    You say it so well, Bristol! My daughter is a single mom of a 4-year-old son, and that little boy is a treasure who has brought such joy to everyone in our family just as your beautiful Tripp has done for your family. By the way, my daughter, Hannah, is training to be a medical assistant and is determined to move to Alaska as soon as she as she is able. We have family there and she is a tribal member (Tlingit.) I know she would love to meet you one of these days. Who knows? Maybe Tripp and Trey would be great friends! All the best to you and your awesome family -

  • cpargee

    Bristol, I don’t know you personally, but you sure seem to have a good head on your shoulders…I’m sure you’ve learned a lot from your amazing mother! Yes, as Christians, we are definitely not perfect, but thankful to be loved by God unconditionally!

  • Scott Cameron

    Bristol, the college age guys I know think you’re bright, funny, gorgeous, principled with a sweet disposition and admire your fortitude which doesn’t waver. Keep on rattling those troll cages with your blog and note the trolls are mostly anonymous without photos which should tell you everything about them.

  • Michael Cummings

    I am so sorry Bristol. I had no idea that you had to or would have to deal with “people” like this. I removed the picture (again) on google+ suggesting I or we would or could want to support gay marriage (it is kind of a ludicrous idea). I will say you are a very tolerant and forgiving person (and that is not based on easy money at all). People who know you love you. Tripp is better than…the people that won’t allow his name to be added to my dictionary for example, among other haters I could mention here. The hypocrites who prevent us from looking like a typical family (including the Laodician church) do not excuse their behavior here or could justify how they feel of you and such a perfect loving loved sweet considerate kind hardworking child as Tripp.
    Can I please remind these trolls even JESUS condemned hypocrisy.

  • Scott Cameron

    While bitter Rivers was being accused by the Anti-Defamation League for a sick Holocaust joke which they said was especially offensive to Holocaust survivors, Sarah Palin was the guest of legendary Parnelli Jones at the Indy 500 in May.
    No wonder so much trash talk from Joan and the trolls, Palin looked phenomenal.

  • Stoneyjack

    Rivers is a bitter old hag. Bristol is brave & beautiful.

  • David

    Bristol, it looks like these Left-Wing-Nut Palin Haters are never going to leave you and your Family alone.
    Stay Strong.

  • daryl

    How dare that witch of the east or which ever direction she lives in say such hateful words.

  • 1MiddleRoader

    I commented before that I don’t really get Joan’s remarks; maybe I am missing the context. I didn’t watch the show, but I understand there were some gay guests at the fancy dinner. Here’s some food for thought: What if Bristol had said to them, “Don’t play the victim. 50 years ago, you’d be called mentally ill; your parents would have disowned you, and you’d never be able to have a family.”? People would be all over her and rightly so. I feel the same about Joan’s comments: she may be factually correct, but what’s her point, other than to insult and belittle? Should people feel happy just b/c they’re not being stigmatized any more?