Wife Swap Question #2: Where Did You Get Your Headboard?

Wife Swap Question #2: Where Did You Get Your Headboard? July 21, 2013

I appreciate all the love and comments I’ve been getting about my time on Wife Swap – it seemed like many of you really enjoyed seeing Melissa Rivers and me switching lives! Through Twitter and Facebook, I’ve gotten some questions about the show, so I thought I’d go through a few of them.

[In case you missed the first one:Why didn’t you just go on Fashion Police?]

Ever since the episode aired, I was also asked a few times about my headboard!  Some of you said you loved it and wanted to buy one just like it.  Some of you wondered if I built it myself.

Well, the truth is… I’m not that handy!  I wish I could run out to the shop and whip something like that together, but I can’t.  I bought my headboard after I returned from Dancing with the Stars, but I got it from a local Alaska place.  In other words, I doubt any of you would want to come all the way up here to update your bed’s look.

Thank you so much for all the compliments on it, though.  It was so fun to decorate my own place here in Alaska!

[In case you missed the show, here are some photos of the headboard, here’s a close up of the headboard, here’s one that shows my cute purple pillows, here’s one that shows the bedding, here’s a view from the side, and here’s one from the front with my cool zebra striped bench!]

Stay tuned for the next Wife Swap question!  (And keep ’em coming — if you have a Wife Swap Question, tweet it to me at @BristolsBlog!)

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  • Anonymous

    LMAO you are such an attention whore it’s ridiculous!

    • KatieDyd

      You’re a child. And Patriot, I am sorry you have no healthy activities to keep you busy. Maybe a shrink can help you. Bristol knows there are people fans who care about her and she is being a gracious person. Try it. You will instantly feel better about your life when you stop being ugly for no reason.

      • BermudaBob

        I concur. What kind of person goes out of their way to post negative comments like that about someone they have never met. We *do not* care about their opinion(s).

        It is obvious to me that they seared their consciences a long time ago. otherwise, their lives (and comments) would be uplifting.

        Judge not, lest you be judged. For with what judgment you judge others, you yourself will be judged!

        • Patriot

          You don’t get much more judgmental than Bristol Palin so looks like you’ve wandered into the wrong place BermudaBob..

          And KatieDyd I have plenty of “healthy” activities…but I’m so relieved to hear how concerned you are.

    • hrh40

      And yet here you are.

      I guess it’s working.

      Irony is lost on these haters who spend their lives coming on internet sites to hate.

  • Patriot

    Seriously? A store in Alaska? That crap came from target and home goods and you know it bristol. See what happens when you alienate all the gays?

    • Melinda

      You betcha Patriot! It certainly looks like Home Goods crap. You can be sure if it were from a local store Bristoll would be looking for a payoff for the mention and naming the store. As it is, it’s an odd post. It doesn’t appear like people were even asking about her headboard. Maybe Bristol is looking for her next reality gig or maybe another tabloid spread, thus time taking readers through her ” fabulous” home and showcasing her decorating ” skills”.

      • hrh40

        And maybe Melinda and Patriot spend their lives tag teaming around the internet to troll their inane hateful comments.




        • Patriot

          You are one smart cookie hrh40.

      • Patriot

        OH lord is these pictures are indicative of her “decorating” skills god help us all. And you are so right…if this was a local store she would be looking for a payout and even if not…why not throw the store a little free publicity….oh thats right…because shes MAKING it up! Its probably not even her bedroom. Everythings a scam with this family.

        And does she also get paid for each picture she uploads? I mean 4 or 5 pics of the bed at different angles? WTF?

  • exodus2011

    Love to read what you write Bristol … thanks for your courage and confidence in your life choices … it’s great the way you don’t obsess with what other people think or say, just like *Madame Steel Spine* **__**

    I admire the way you just plow through the BULLSCHMIDT thrown your way by ..really the political enemies of Constitutional America, because your Deborah/Hadassah/Mother is such a threat to those who want Constitutional America as founded, to totally disappear …

    ‘Haters gonna hate … so I might as well DANCE!’ ~Bristol Palin

    YEAH **__**

    “May we always be happy and may our enemies know it.” ~ Sarah Palin


    #BeClingers —————> #AmericaRISING

    • Patriot

      Wow. Thats just sad.

      • Melinda

        Agreed Patriot. And that is exactly what Sarah Palin capitalizes on.

        • hrh40

          Ooo, lookie, lookie!!

          More tag team hate trolling.

          Now that’s what’s sad.

      • KatieDyd

        Hating is sad. Why do you choose to be negative? Bristol’s trying to get people to think about what they say about others, and the way a joke COULD tragically affect a person, often times young.

        • melinda

          Funny, Bristol doesn’t think much when she opens her mouth against homosexuals, does she?

          She’s not trying to get people to think before they speak. She’s just looking for attention and whining. Joan was making a valid point, and Bristol is missing the point.

      • exodus2011


        if you enemies of Constitutional America’s Restoration are ‘sad’ that is MARVELLOUS news!


        #BeClingers ————-> #AmericaRISING

        (#WAR ———–> #CrushROVE, in the 2014 Primary Cycle, Patriots! **__**)

        • Patriot

          No dumbass YOU are the one that’s sad. I’m very happy knowing that so many people see through these grifters.

          • exodus2011

            LOL .. caughtcha didn’t I honeybee **__**

            why sweetie pie **__** … I reckon y’all are a bit PEEVED (as well as tragically … s a d … sniff …sniff **__**)



            btw, dontcha just LOVE these sweetie quotes?

            (they really bring a sparkle to my eyes thus .. . **__** …. and then when you GOPe Tools get upset, my eyes sparkle ON STEROIDS … **__** )

            ‘Haters gonna hate … so I might as well DANCE!’ ~Bristol Palin

            YEAH **__**

            “May we always be happy and may our enemies know it.” ~ Sarah Palin


            DEO GRATIAS

            #BeClingers —————> #AmericaRISING

  • bellagrazi

    I think every girl fell in love with that headboard, Bristol. So pretty. Love the bedside lamps, too. So awesome.

    • aflakygirl

      i’m a girl and I didn’t even notice it until she bragged about it. To tell you the truth it looks like something for an older woman.

  • brenda

    I just cannot figure out why with all the blogs one can go on and find one or many more that suits their tastes, why does one waste their time and all the other readers’ time spewing such vitriol…??It is not like anyone held a knife to their throats and forced them to look for the blog and then comment.
    By the way the headboard looks like something one could have custom ordered/DIY’d at B’Stoned in Redlands, CA,

  • ksSunflower

    I missed the Wife Swap episode. Are there any plans to rerun it, or is there any chance of seeing it somewhere else?

  • aflakygirl

    I’m a girl and I didn’t even notice it until she bragged about it. To tell you the truth it looks like something for an older woman.