Dear Texas women, Cosmo doesn’t like it that you are having more babies than they think you should

When I saw one of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s most recent tweets, I was stunned. I know that Hollywood and the mainstream media are puppets for Planned Parenthood’s agenda, but to see them so boldly mimic one of the abortion industry’s most disgusting talking points was unbelievable to me. [Read more…]

Trying to lose those last few pregnancy pounds

Bristol Palin- 310 Post #1 Approved Photo

Exercising and #310shake to lose the last few pregnancy lbs!  [Read more…]

Atheists force post office to remove ‘God Bless America’ sign. Wait ’til you see how the town reacted!

When a national atheist group targeted a small post office in Kansas for a “God Bless America” sign that has been hanging on the wall of the post office since 9/11, the community took matters into their own hands.  And I LOVE their response! [Read more…]

Bring-your-baby-to-work day

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PHOTO: Isn’t she sweet?

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Two of our favorites right now by @graceandbelle @cuddlemuffinsblankets

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