Quote on abortion clinic’s wall is unintentionally ironic – find out why it’s caused a social media uproar


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What exactly is a holistic abortion? According to Whole Women’s Health, an abortion clinic chain challenging Texas’s common-sense abortion regulations protecting women from abortionists like convicted murderer Dr. Kermit Gosnell, holistic abortions take care of mind, body and heart. [Read more…]

What someone did to this Bernie Sanders sign is perfect!

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Not looking for a fight, but this Bernie Sanders sign hits the nail on the head!

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Normal-Looking Person Wins an Oscar, Some Men in the Crowd Don’t Applaud

Per usual, this year’s Academy Awards featured women in picture-perfect ball gowns and men in crisply-pressed tuxedos. But one of this year’s winners broke that mold, and shocked the Oscars’ crowd by being – well – normal! [Read more…]

3 photos: My love Sailor Grace and my best friends (my sisters!)

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Shocking Results: Experiment Tests Kids Raised Around Guns and Those Shielded From Them


The household gun debate divides families, neighbors, communities and evens states. The result of an experiment conducted in Iowa may shock one side of this debate.
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