This Week Only! New Film Shows How One South Korean Pastor Is Saving Children’s Lives

Like many large cities, the streets of Seoul see many babies abandoned each day and left to die. Heartbroken at this reality, one South Korean pastor decided to do what he could to change it. [Read more...]

How an Artist Secretly Painted Monica Lewinsky into Bill Clinton’s Presidential Portrait

william clinton 2443232302_46b781fe64_z

Guess who was secretly added into Bill Clinton’s portrait?

Here’s a hint: it wasn’t his wife. [Read more...]

If You #StandWithBibi, Get Your Own Shirt!


How awesome is this?? [Read more...]

Watch Netanyahu’s True, Gracious, and Powerful Congressional Address (FULL VIDEO)

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 5.40.43 PMToday, when Netanyahu addressed Congress, he reminded us what’s at stake, what we need to do, and what a true statesman looks like.  Watch for yourself: [Read more...]

Benjamin Netanyahu addresses Congress Today: Teaches Us About Violent Islam and Courage


Why is President Obama giving Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu such a cold welcome today when he addresses Congress? [Read more...]