This abortion survivor’s story is a powerful lesson in forgiveness

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Sometimes tragedies have a way of teaching life’s hardest lessons and this is a story I needed to hear today. [Read more…]

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Nordstrom bosses criticized Trump’s Muslim travel ban TWO days before dropping Ivanka’s line

I LOVE Nordstrom but so disappointed that they dropped Ivanka Trump’s clothing line over politics.

[Read more…]

Hyundai’s live Super Bowl ad was awesome… and very touching

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There were so many Superbowl ads this year that made an impression, butHyundai’s was AMAZING and made me cry: [Read more…]

Here’s the only evidence you need to prove Planned Parenthood is NOT about women’s care

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It’s settled: Planned Parenthood is good for one thing and one thing only — abortions. [Read more…]

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Watch the unique way a teacher is making personal connections with students

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I never had a teacher this hip when I was in school. [Read more…]

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