Her Husband Poured Gas on a Fire, Burning 40% of Her Body – Then, He Left

‘I get stared at like I’m a monster’ Read more

Chris Christie Just Doesn’t Care Anymore

Is he not the most unethical governor ever!!!!! Read more

Ha!! Secret Service Grills Kathy Griffin Over Severed Head Stunt

People should stop with all the “death aspirations” for President Trump. Read more

Eleven Year Old Alaska Boy Shoots Charging Bear to Save His Family

Elliot Clark was walking through woods when the bear charged the family. Read more

Obama Warns Americans about Having Too Much Patriotism — Yes, on July 4th weekend

The former President of the United States traveled abroad to criticize his own country! What?? Read more

Sadie Robertson Almost Abducted on Way Home from the Mall

Some men were following her in the mall. Then, she noticed them in the parking garage. Read more

Owner of Giant 20-Pound Lobster Furious that TSA Took Pics With It

TSA is a government agency — they should not have the right to use our things for photo ops! Read more

Major League Umpire See a Woman About to Jump Off a Bridge, so He Does This to Save her Life

‘I’ll never forget you,’ he told her. Read more

Chicago Cubs Star Flips His Middle Finger while Posing with Trump

Have you ever seen anything this rude? Read more

New Wrestler Calls Himself ‘The Progressive Liberal’ and People Love to Hate Him

Another sign that people are sick and tired of the condescension. Read more

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