New Wrestler Calls Himself ‘The Progressive Liberal’ and People Love to Hate Him

Another sign that people are sick and tired of the condescension. Read more

4 New Family Photos!

Can you tell who runs the show? Read more

Piper Captured the Greatest Video Ever

I am missing my baby brother so much lately! Read more

VIRAL: UT Professor’s Response to Student Mom who Missed Class Because She Couldn’t Find a Sitter

She missed class because she couldn’t find a babysitter, but her professor had a brilliant response. Read more

14 Celebs Who’ve Imagined Violence for Trump and his Supporters

It’s not just Kathy Griffin. Let’s hold ALL of these stars accountable. Especially #13 Read more

Man Sent Home for Wearing Shorts on a Hot Day, Comes Back in a Short Dress

Well played! Read more

Men Haunted by Regret over Abortion: the Trauma Cuts More Than One Way

Ridiculous. Abortion is selfish and brutal for everyone involved. Read more

Married Mom Gets Pregnant, Then Abortion Instead of Adoption to Avoid Awkward Conversations

I bet that would be a slightly awkward conversation. ‘Hey mom, where’s my sister?’ Read more

Lena Dunham: ‘You Don’t Need a Father’ on Father’s Day

Do you think Lena would criticize mothers like this?! Read more

‘Woke Daddy’ Wants to Remove Masculinity from Fatherhood – Meet 2 Dads Who Do It Right

Woke Daddy, meet two dads who disprove your theory. Read more

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