VIDEO: Watch Taya Kyle, ‘American Sniper’ widow, Take On Obama In Gun Control Town Hall

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Taya Kyle, wife of American Sniper Chris Kyle, has experienced the effects of gun violence first hand.  In fact, as anyone who has read her heartbreaking story or seen the Award-winning film American Sniper knows, it was gun violence that made her a widow in the first place.  Yet last night at a CNN town hall with President Obama, Taya wasn’t standing next to the president in solidarity for his anti-gun stance.  Instead, she took on the President face-to-face, asking him why he couldn’t celebrate that violent crime rates have plummeted in the U.S. in recent years, and demanding that she have the right to protect her own family from the violence of criminals.

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Afternoon Cuddles with My Girl

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If you want the US to attack ISIS fighters you better not say it on Twitter now!

Well, this is interesting.  Free speech advocate Robert Shibley, who works for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, had a post on Facebook that warns Twitter users from speaking their mind about ISIS.  Turns out, Twitter’s new rules for engagement mean, well, you can’t encourage “military engagement” against those people trying to annihilate us. [Read more...]

Two Photos of Me Target Shooting with Family and Friends

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A photo posted by Bristol Palin (@bsmp2) on

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