Buy My House! 14 Pictures of My Lakeside Home

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In September of last year, a man was arrested for stalking me at my house.  I had to move out of my home, because Tripp and I no longer felt safe.   [Read more...]

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Obamacare Will Pay for an Abortion But Not for This?

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This is outrageous. [Read more...]

This Nurse Performed 2 Abortions, Then She Did This

Nurse Standing In A Hospital Corridor

The reality of abortion is so much more disturbing than arguments about it. [Read more...]

After 9 Years of Waiting, Watch These Parents Meet their Son for the First Time

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Dennis and Carita Chen traveled from Texas to California to adopt a child whose only name was “baby boy.” They could barely contain their excitement and emotion as they closed the distance between themselves and their son.

Then they saw him for the first time, and it all spilled over. [Read more...]

What Happened When Three Middle School Boys Saw a Girl With Down Syndrome Being Bullied?

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What did three middle school boys do when they saw a girl being picked on? The answer will probably surprise you! [Read more...]