Chinese Naval Ships off the Coast of Alaska

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Oops! Seattle Tries a “Gun Violence Tax” and Gets Sued

Portrait of a happy weapon shop owner

Seattle is trying to pull one over on its liberty-loving citizens, but they know a gun control law when they see it. Even if it’s disguised as a tax.  [Read more...]

Students Protest Against Transgender Classmate’s Use of Girl’s Locker Room

Lila Perry has identified as transgender since she was 13. (KMOV)

Lila Perry has identified as transgender since she was 13. (KMOV)


Over 150 Missouri high school students voiced their displeasure about a transgender teen using the girls’ locker room by walking out of class.

Students at Hillsboro High School staged a two-hour walkout Monday over 17-year-old Lila Perry, a student who has identified as a female since she was 13, using the girls’ locker room during gym class.

The school offered Perry a gender-neutral bathroom, which she turned down.

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Starting Month 6!

6th month

Start of my sixth month, feeling like a tannnkk already! Eek

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Even Liberal Pundits at MSNBC Criticize Hillary’s Outrageous Comments about Pro-Lifers

Hillary Clinton just compared the Republican Party to terrorists because we are pro-life.  Yes, really! [Read more...]