9 women who should be defending Melania Trump against slut-shaming but won’t

Normally, feminists would be crying out the second a powerful woman was subjected to “slut-shaming.” But the loudest voices aren’t coming to the defense of Melania Trump, whose naked body is being plastered and mocked on the covers of newspapers and spread all over the Internet. Could it be because she is a Republican? (Quick, everyone act surprised!) The fact that Melania, quite possibly the next first lady of the United States, is receiving no support proves what we already know — feminists are not pro-woman, they are pro-Democratic woman.  (Just ask my mom.)

The sexism Melania is currently experiencing for these photos from twenty years ago is the kind of slut-shaming other female celebrities have been fighting so hard against: being shamed online for what they’re wearing, or not wearing, and expressing sensuality. But there silence here is deafening! Here are 9 women who should be defending Melania Trump but won’t.

1. Amber Rose Amber Rose may be the unofficial spokesperson against slut-shaming. At the MTV Music Awards, Rose wore a leotard printed with “bitch,” “slut,” “gold digger,” “stripper,” and a host of other disparaging labels for women. On the red carpet she explained the outfit:

“We just got to a point in our lives where we’re sick of getting ridiculed for loving men and being sexual beings and just being sexy women in general. And we constantly get called these names and now we just got to a point where we don’t give a f–k and we’re embracing all the slut shaming, all the name calling. And hoes be winning.”

Rose also organized a “Slut Walk” in Los Angeles to protest sexual double standards between men and women. She does this while typically wearing lingerie and shouting, “My p****, my choice.” The slut walks are one of the ways The Amber Rose Foundation fights sexism.

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