Black Trump Supporter Eloquently Demolishes CNN’s Biased Questions – CNN Cuts Him Off

Black Trump Supporter Eloquently Demolishes CNN’s Biased Questions – CNN Cuts Him Off September 19, 2017

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The president of the Black Conservative Federation is a guy named Diante Johnson, and he’s pretty impressive. During a recent Trump rally in Washington D.C., he got together with other like-minded patriots to celebrate the President of the United States.

“We are Americans together,” he told the crowd.  “When we leave this country, we’re not a black American, we’re not a white American, we’re not an Asian American — we are simply American. I am thankful for everybody that’s here.”

I love that message of unity.  Of course, CNN doesn’t.  When a reporter asked Diante why he was there, he was just effusive.  He loved the President, he loved “Art of the Deal,” and he suggested that people who didn’t were simply misinformed.  Then, the reporter — of course — brought up the race issue.  Because that’s all they know to do — divide.  They focus on race while pretending that conservatives are the ones with the race obsession.

During this interview, the reporter pointed out that many other black people would not agree with him on his love for Trump.  Then, he pointed out that he’d seen signs that read “No White Guilt,” and asked Diante to respond to them.

Much to the reporter’s shock, Diante said he didn’t think white people should feel guilty about what their ancestors did.  Then, naturally, CNN suddenly ran out of time.

Watch the interview below:

In response, Diante wrote a letter about the interview, in which he said that it was a great example of how the main stream media tries to silence black conservative voices.

That is completely true.  The media thrives on division and hatred.  Good for Diante for not taking the bait.

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Hat Tip: Independence Journal Review

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