Retired USMC General Booed for Opening Congressional Town Hall With Prayer

So this happened. In America. Read more

A severed head of President Trump is ‘art’ in America?

Come on, Alaska! You can do better than this. Read more

What Sarah Palin REALLY thinks about Bill O’Reilly leaving Fox

Jake Tapper asking Mom what she thought about the culture at Fox. Here’s her honest response. Read more

5 PHOTOS: Sarah Palin visits the White House with Kid Rock and Ted Nugent

(Make sure you see who she’s posing with in the last photo.) Read more

How Quick-thinking McDonald’s employees helped bring an end to ‘Facebook killer’ manhunt

All it took was a 20-piece McNuggets and some fries that weren’t quite ready. Read more

Chelsea Clinton sticks up for Trump family in sweet way

Shouldn’t all Americans agree that the family of the President needs protection?! Read more

This flag-waving Marine just became your favorite runner in the Boston Marathon

No dry eyes watching this one. Read more

Sportswriter for NBC embarrasses himself by saying the American flag is political

Remember when Democrats liked the American flag? Read more

College student triggered by a display of crosses representing aborted babies, and does this

He tore them down twice! Read more

Libs Say McDonald’s Szechuan sauce is ‘racist’ and warn them not to bring it back

McDonald’s might bring back one of its more popular dipping sauces… And liberals aren’t happy about that. Read more

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