Triggered social studies teacher pens anti-Trump propaganda lesson plan


Angry with the outcome of the election of Donald Trump, San Francisco high school social studies teacher Fakhra Shah penned a lesson plan for her class that paints the president-elect as a sexist and racist person with sexist and racist supporters. And she has the full blessing of the school district and, of course, the teachers union. [Read more…]

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After reading how they won’t bow to anti-Trump bullies, you’ll probably want to shop at Nordstrom

If it has Donald Trump’s name on it, somebody wants to boycott it. Even his family members can’t escape the wrath of the politically correct gatekeepers. [Read more…]

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Rosie O’Donnell rudely suggests Donald Trump’s son has autism just to get even with his dad

This is ridiculous:


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6 Family Photos

I know some of you don’t have Instagram, so I decided to share these great 6 photos via the blog!  Enjoy!

hers could

A photo posted by Bristol Meyer (@bsmp2) on

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‘Umbrella Dad’ Gets Soaked Shielding His Son From the Pouring Rain

This is precious. [Read more…]