Feminist are going to send President Trump something gross on behalf of ‘concerned women’

Don’t let the good looks fool you. These women are low-class. Read more

Trump resurrects rarely celebrated ‘Medal of Honor Day’

It’s only been celebrated twice by sitting Presidents. Read more

4-year-old brings an empty bullet shell to preschool. You won’t believe the overreaction

I’m at a loss for words on this one. Read more

School forces boys and girls to change in same locker room, advise them to act ‘natural’

This is insanity. Read more

This girl just got asked to the prom in the most adorable way

You’ve gotta see this video! Read more

Pro-life group will deliver over 320,000 socks to Congress for a very powerful reason

I love seeing people take a bold stance for human life! Read more

Chelsea Handler just said something cruel about the new Trump baby on the way

She has no class at all. Read more

Philadelphia bar won’t serve man wearing a Trump hat, but the man is making sure they regret it

Another liberal demonstration of tolerance! Read more

I posted this pic of me and my sisters, but the hashtags are getting all the attention

I love them SO much… most of the time! Read more

About those stories about someone hacking my phone…

The rumors are true… Read more

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