Dealing with snakes, I’m thankful for one thing alone

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Surrogate Mom Gives Birth to Baby Girl with Serious Birth Defects Despite Parents’ Order to Abort

Surrogacy is complicated, but this was a really difficult moment: [Read more…]

Long-Lost Bracelet Reunited With a WWII Veteran’s Family More Than 70 Years After It Went Missing


The saying, “one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure,” may be true after all. An American World War II solider once bought and inscribed a bracelet with his name and that of his wife and young boy. Sadly, the gift meant for his wife never made it back with him. This fairly ordinary bracelet somehow ended up in the hands of a now 80-year-old woman. [Read more…]

Thankful for my kids…

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Seriously, these two!

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Quote on abortion clinic’s wall is unintentionally ironic – find out why it’s caused a social media uproar


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What exactly is a holistic abortion? According to Whole Women’s Health, an abortion clinic chain challenging Texas’s common-sense abortion regulations protecting women from abortionists like convicted murderer Dr. Kermit Gosnell, holistic abortions take care of mind, body and heart. [Read more…]