The White House Just Did Something to Honor Police that Obama Refused to Do

So glad we have this President! Read more

Chelsea Manning walks free from prison after 7 years – tell me what YOU think!

I can’t believe this!?!?! Read more

In 1991, Obama wrote an essay saying THIS about Donald Trump!

For once, I agree with Obama! Read more

Steinem: If More Women Had Abortions, It Would Prevent Global Warming

Um, what? Read more

Chris Pratt Shares His Faith on Instagram

Love it when stars share their faith! Read more

Miss USA Says Health Care Is a Privilege, Not a Right – Says She’s NOT a Feminist!

Love our new Miss USA! Read more

A one-week update about our newest addition!

Dakota is such a proud dad I can’t even handle it! Read more

Lena Dunham’s Weird Diet Tips for Feminists

Good grief. It must be hard to be a liberal when even weight loss is somehow tied to Donald Trump. Read more

92-Year-Old Grandma Finally Stops Sending $20 a Week to 12 Grandkids in College

Mary calculated approximately how much money she mailed, and this is what she came up with. Read more

School Cancels Mother’s Day Crafts because They Want to Honor Non-Traditional Families

Why are liberals against fun? Read more

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