Watch an Ivy League Prof Try (and Fail Miserably!) to Defend Abortion

Watch an Ivy League Prof Try (and Fail Miserably!) to Defend Abortion August 9, 2017

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Actor James Franco and Eliot Michaelson joined Liz Harman of Princeton University to talk about the ethics of having an early-stage abortion.  

Her view on the subject is actually incomprehensible.  Basically at one point she said that babies that are killed in the womb do not have moral worth since they didn’t actually become humans.  Got that?  Then, she contradicts that by saying the opposite.  I don’t know.  Here is a quote that is absolutely astonishing:

My view isn’t that ‘if you do abort, abortion is okay, but if you don’t abort, abortion would’ve been wrong.’ But what it turns out, is that it’s a contingent matter that you have moral status.  You actually have moral status, but you would not have counted morally at all if you had been aborted.  You would have existed, but you would’ve have this really short existence in which you would not have have mattered morally.

Got that?

I love the look on James and Eliot’s faces right after she says this:

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It would be fun to have a caption contest for their faces, but here’s my best guess on what they’re thinking:

Seriously, they let you teach at Princeton?  Is the the best liberals has to offer?  Does this program not vet our guests at all?

Think about how depressing that is.  Her message is literally, your mother could’ve killed you and it wouldn’t have mattered.

She goes on, saying that moral status is given by the future.  So, I’m sure this lady doesn’t believe in God, but she believes that the all-powerful “Future” that endows “moral status” on human beings.

Luke Duggan in the comments section made a very good point — yet one that should’ve been obvious by anyone on this planet…  especially an Ivy League professor.  He wrote, “I find it quite implausible that someone’s moral status depends on whether other people want them to exist. A plausible ethic of abortion should say that the unborn child either has moral status absolutely or lacks it absolutely – not that it fluctuates according to the mother’s whims.”
Um…  For all you parents who are so excited that your kids got into Princeton this fall, realize that cold hard cash you’re spending to send them there is paying this lady’s salary. Plus, for probably $250,000, your kid might turn out as morally flawed and logically confused!
Watch the video and try to decipher it yourselves!

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