Dressing up like this Star Wars character is problematic for the dumbest reason ever

What are they teaching in college these days? Read more

Dakota and the kids feed cows in Kentucky

Enjoying the Blue Grass state! Read more

Girls Hair Day

What it looks like when Willow does ALL of our hair on the same day. Read more

Last trimester!

Getting close! Read more

Dakota told me the gender of our baby, and I didn’t believe him at first!

It took some time for Dakota to convince me this was true. Read more

Horrible treatment of patients at a veterans hospital exposed online

This is angering. How can we treat those who sacrificed for us like this? Read more

Lena Dunham’s GIRLS episode talks about novelists who abuse their sexual power – what about PRESIDENTS?

Why the double standard, Lena? Read more

Teen Vogue suggests giving fun coloring books to young teens who’ve had abortions

Well, now women have ANOTHER reason not to get abortions. Read more

If a pre-school teacher says ‘kill some jews,’ should they still have a job?

1 + 1 = NO! Read more

Feminists freak out over THIS sign – which is very, very telling

Oh my gosh, feminists are so dumb! Read more

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